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A Magical Lesson
Season 1
Episode 20
Original airdate Unknown
Written by Unknown
Episode order
Previous The Hoopenhoof Game
Next The Spring Ball
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A Magical Lesson is the twentieth episode of Filly Funtasia in the international episode order.

Interesting facts

  • Abra and Cadabra both make their appearance in this episode, and are heavily redesigned from the toys. Elements from their previous designs are still there, though, but are hardly noticeable.
  • Abra and Cadabra are revealed to be Lynn's aunts.

Version differences between languages

  • This episode is the tenth episode of the Chinese second season. Its next episode is I Dare You, and its previous is A Royal Wedding.
  • Song replacements in Chinese version:
    • When the birds escape, the song that plays (Temptation) is removed without replacement, resulting in no background music playing during the scene.
    • When Zack rescues Sparkle, Can't Catch Me Now plays instead of In The Storm.
  • In the scene showing the birds causing chaos and escaping, the Czech release uses an instrumental of the song.