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A Visit from Fairy Land
Meeting Melian for the first time, AVFFL 22.jpg
Season 1
Episode 22
Original airdate Lang-ZH.png December 25, 2020
Written by Unknown
Original episode order
Previous The Spring Ball
Next Funtasia Festival
Alternative episode order
Previous Wranglum in Disguise
Next Dream of Doom
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A Visit from Fairy Land is the twenty second episode of Filly Funtasia in the international releases.


As the Rose, Lynn, and Bella read about transformation spells, Will's aunt Melian appears inside their room using the last of her magic dust. She asks the five for help because of a terrible incident: The star that gave the filly fairies the magic dust they needed in the Fairy Land was destroyed, weakening them.

Melian mentions that everything was going peacefully in the fairy kingdom until an asteroid came across and destroyed the star, resulting in the fairies in the region being unable to fly. Melian asks them if they could possibly help her make some magic dust, to which Rose responds by leading them to Sparkle and asks her to call Twilight for information. She tells them that fairy dust is made of magic dust which gets collected and is converted to fairy dust through a mill, and that fairy dust is what sustains the fairies and the nature around them. However, she doesn't know how to save the fairies.

The five, along with Melian, go to the Academy's library to find books that could contain information. As they were about to give up, Cedric found a book containing information about a type of crystal that could potentially be useful. Bella mentions that Antares has that type of crystal in his observatory, so they all leave to talk to him. After he gives the crystal to them, they head back to Sparkle's office to tell her that the crystal may be the solution. But the teachers tell them they need powerful magic or the right potion for it to work. Ashia and Florian go with the six to the potions lab.

The eight fillys try to find the right potion recipe to make the crystal work. After multiple failed attempts, they eventually found the correct recipe, and with the potion and a crystal mirror made some dust to put into a bottle. But after returning to the dorms Melian tells the five students that this is only the first step, and reminds them that the magic dust has to be ground through a mill for its effects to be felt. She then leaves through the doorway back to the fairy land. Bella then has an idea - to use a transformation spell to shrink them to a smaller size so they could follow her. Cedric takes a crystal from his room to use for the spell. After using the spell to shrink themselves, they entered the fairy land through Melian's magic door.

They traverse the fairy land, searching for Melian. They find her as she falls onto the ground. Unsure of how to get to the mill quickly, the rock Melian is resting on reveals itself to be a ladybug. They then ask the ladybugs to take them closer to the mill. After landing, they continue onwards to the mill. There, they meet Miller, and help him use the mill to make fairy dust. They then go down to their village, in which they meet Magic. They then take the fairy dust and sprinkle it around the area, giving life back to the plants and returning strength to the fairies living there. Melian creates a door taking them back to the Academy, and the five students leave. After they returned, they became normal size again.

Interesting facts

  • Fairies are revealed to be initially tiny and not the size of a regular Filly.
  • The Magical Land (or as this episode establishes it, "Fairy Land") makes its debut in this episode, and it looks very different from how it looks in the toylines.
  • Magic is a female in the show, but is male in the toy lines.

Version differences between languages


    • Moreover, on La Tele Tuya, it's episode number 25 (for the first season of 26 episodes) but in Singapore, it's episode 19;
  • Song replacements in Chinese version:

Animation errors

  • Sparkle's mouth doesn't move during half of her first line when she calls Twilight.
  • One of the shots during the scene within Sparkle's office after getting the crystal uses the wrong character model (placeholder?) for Melian.
  • In the Academy's potions lab, the fillys aren't visible through the flasks when the camera pans across the room at the beginning of the scene.
  • There are moments during the episode when character eyes aren't animated properly, as they sometimes individually face the wrong directions. This is most noticeable with Rose in a few of the shots during the visit to the titular region.

Alternate titles

  • Latin American Spanish: Una visita desde la tierra de las hadas;
  • Hebrew: ביקור מארץ הפיות;
  • German: Besuch aus dem Feenland (part 1) and Reise zur magischen Mühle (part 2);