Species Witchy
Gender Female
Home Mysterious Magic Castle
First appearance Filly Witchy toy line
Sibling/s Cadabra

Abra with Hocus the owl - Cropped from magazine

Abra lives with her twin sister Cadabra in the Witchy castle in the very center of Zimsala. They both have beautiful magic hats encrusted with many crystals. Abra always tries her best to help other Witchys and to take care of them. Cadabra, on the other hand, constantly tries her best to play tricks on the fillies.

Abra sees every Witchy in Zimsala as a member of one big family, even though her real family consists of her and her sister Cadabra only. Abra dreams of the day when every Filly will be happy and cheery. Stopping the twin from causing mischief has become Abra's favourite activity, while her least favourite one is cleaning windows of the Witchy castle - she comments on them being of too great quantity. Abra loves Merlina's moonlight muffins more than any other food and despies pickles.

Abra is proud of her pink magic hat which she has gotten from her great-great-great-grandmother.

Abra likes sleeping, and her favourite spell is the one capable of silencing any sound in the area 3 meters wide. The downside of this spell is that Abra cannot hear her alarm clock.

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