Filly Wiki
First appearance Filly Fairy toy line
Species Fairy
Gender Female
Title Принцесса Lang-RU.png
Other names Алерта Lang-RU.png
Home Yellow Bellflower
Sibling/s Caspian
Parent/s Oberon
Other relatives Bree (nephew)
Divitio (uncle)
Echo (niece)
Luthia (aunt)
Pando (cousin)
Pixie (niece)
Twilight (sister-in-law)

Information about her

This text was taken from Filly Sammelband and translated from German automatically


  • Princess
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Coat colour: Light brown from the front, white spotted at her back
  • Occupation: Princess
  • Place of residence: Yellow bluebell field
  • Special trait: She has created a map of the whole fairy kingdom
  • Favorite motto: A trip is always worth it - the most beautiful would be to the moon!
  • Her long journeys: The magical fairy kingdom is really big. But no other Filly has seen almost all places - except for Princess Alerta
  • Family and Friends: Princess Alerta is a rare sight at the Flower Palace. She'd rather go to flying lessons with her sister

Prototype name

Old document called Filly Fairy collection guide (found on the official site) lists Alerta as 'Lily'. It could've been her early name. And there can't be anything more fitting than a name telling about the connection filly fairys have with the nature, since some of them live in flowers.