Alyssa 1
Species Butterfly
Gender Female
Home Watering Can House
First appearance Filly Butterfly toy line
Other names Алисия, Алисса Lang-RU
Parent/s Toby
Sibling/s Lotus

Alyssa is one of the Flower Group's female Butterfly Fillies, who loves to take care of their garden. She loves to daydream her way into her own thoughts, so she can get out of her thoughts only to then see that she is watering the pavement leading to the house, instead of the flowers.

In 'Filly Funtasia'

Alyssa could be or is a major character for 'Filly Funtasia' special which is called 'Filly Butterfly' in the show's pitch bible.

Fillies from Watering Can House
Alyssa, Lotus, Sara, Toby
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