Species Royale
Gender Female
Home Royal Spa
First appearance Filly Royale toy line
Title Princess
Sibling/s Amin

Amira is one of the characters who was updated from the Filly Princess toy line with the Filly Royale toy line.

Story from Filly Royale toy line (on MyFilly site)Edit

Princess Amira works as a make-up artist at the Beauty Bar. She loves to experiement with different make-up. Nobody knows in Royalia, but she has a small "laboratory" at the back of the beauty bar, where she mixes her secret indredients [sic] to create the most colorful make-up! Her beauty accessories are famous in Royalia!

Princess Amira
Princess Amira
Species Princess
Gender Female
Home Castle of Belisama
First appearance Filly Princess toy line
Title Princess
Hercegnö Lang-HU
Księżniczka Lang-PL
Princesa Lang-ES
Princesse Lang-FR
Princezna Lang-CZ
Prinsessa Lang-SE
Prinsesse Lang-DKLang-NO
Prinzessin Lang-DE
Принцесса Lang-RU
Other names Scherezade Lang-HU
Амира Lang-RU
Parent/s Snow Queen
Sulta Admin
Sibling/s Duke Linard
Prince Valentin
Grandparents Emperor Karus
Empress Diva
Other relatives Cedric (cousin)
Countess Magica (niece)
Countess Melody (niece)
Lady Lori (niece)

Filly Princess toy line characterEdit

Princess Amira is really fond of fairytales and stories, and is said to tell some really great stories. It is not known how many stories she know, but has herself claimed to know 1,001 of them.

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