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Rafael flying around with his golden pegasus wings and differently shaped crown.

Prior to 2018, the Angel Fillies were bird-winged Fillies with star-themed crowns and were usually exclusives in merchandise such as magazines and advent calendars. Rafael and Christmas Angel are considered part of the Filly Fairy brand, while Christine is affiliated with the Filly Elves brand. They are a mysterious group, with Rafael's Sammelband description explicitly mentioning that "nobody knows" where he comes from.

In 2018, the Angel Fillies were confirmed as a new toy category; the Filly Angels toy line! These Fillies live in Paradisia. They originally resembled Star Fillies without horns, but, later in the same year, "Filly Angel Unicorns" were introduced, which have horns as well as wings (but no star-themed crowns).

In the text of an official flyer, the world of Filly Angels from this toy line is described as 'the world of friendship and peace'.

The angels have glittering wings for the first edition of the toys, but 'Crazy glitter' edition features angels with the shining hair.

The shape of almost every filly's wings looks different to the wings of Rafael and Christmas Angel. Except for Selina and Carissima, the characters who resemble angels which appeared earlier. The designs of their toy form are even more close to the ones of Rafael and Christmas Angel.

Annalee, one of the Angel Filly characters

The official story

'The beautiful Filly Angels live in Paradisia, in happiness and harmony. They are the most beautiful Filly with the softest wings you can imagine.

Filly Angels are the sweet guardians of the Filly Kingdom. The Filly Angels have colorful, magic dust on their glittering wings. Each colour matches their magical crystal, representing their families: Romance, Party, Beauty, Friendship and Dreams.

Filly Angels have the unique ability to help wishes come true. The Filly Angels collect the wish lists and carry them in the bag. They bring all the wishes to Angel Palace.

The Filly Angels write their answers and their angel messages, which they bring back to the Fillys.

Once a year, the Filly Angels celebrate the new year of happiness with a big dance ball'.

The description of Filly Angels (Goliath)

'Magical horses from the kingdom of heaven make girls' dreams come true.

The Filly Angels are the collectors of wishes! Write your heart's desire on the parchment and give it to your filly. They float through the air with their velvet soft wings and try to fulfill wishes'.

The groups of Angels

This toy line is keeping the elements which were introduced by Filly Unicorn, namely, its symbols and the names of the locations. Almost all of the symbols are unchanged, except for the picture of butterfly: it features another colour. The places received the set of the names with a more literal meaning for each of them.

There is a sixth element, a drawing of a rainbow (its colors are similar to the ones of Iridia's symbol). It is associated with Amethyst but doesn't belong to any of these groups and it didn't create any new group as the symbol is unique to the special filly of the line (Angelina). The groups (families) of Angel Filly characters received the names of gemstones:

  • Romance (Liebe - Love - in German) - Ruby - the symbol of a pink heart;
  • Party - Topaz - the symbol of a golden (yellow) crown;
  • Beauty - Tanzanite - the symbol of a violet butterfly;
  • Friendship - Emerald - the symbol of a green flower;
  • Dreams - Sapphire - the symbol of a blue star;

List of Angel Fillies

For the list, see Category:List of Angel Fillies.

Bird-winged Fillies

The Angel Fillies' feathered bird-like wings have been used twice before, as the Filly Beach Party Fillies Cheerful and Zofus also had such feather wings, although not in golden colors. Going by various horse mythology standards, these five combined would be Pegasus Fillies, which does not count Mani or the Star Fillies, which in turn would have been Pegacornius Fillies, or in some modern terminology Alicorn Fillies. In fact, Cheerful, Zofus, Mani and even Zack, were considered Angel Fillies on Filly Wiki for months, until Filly Stars was announced and the Proto-Fillies species page was created.