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On fillyfuntasia
Voiced by •Oriana Villacis Lang-VE
Nina Perišić Language-sr (Dexy TV)
First appearance Toy lines
Filly Angels toy line

Filly Funtasia
Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near

Species Angel
Gender Female
Title •Princess
•Prinzessin Lang-DE
•Принцеса Lang-UA
•Princesse Lang-FR
•Princes Lang-NL
•Princesa Lang-ES Lang-PT
•Księżniczka Lang-PL
Other names •Анджелина, Анджелiна Lang-UA
•אנג'לינה Lang-HE
安吉公主 Lang-ZH
Anđelina Language-sr (Dexy TV)
Home Angel's Palace
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The special character from the 2018 toy line, Angelina's toy features gemstones in the wings.

From the official flyer's text:

'She is the most special Filly Angel with her golden super glitter wings. She magically spreads the gift of happiness'.

In Filly Funtasia[]

Angelina is the filly who visited Sparkle in Funtasia to take a letter and return back to Paradisia. However, her visit turned out to be a much longer one, when she made friends with Rose and the others.

She is seen in several episodes of the show, and is one of the main characters of the episode, Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near.

Profile on[]

  • Angelina (Angel Filly)
  • Traits: Happy communicator, never sad, problem solver
  • Character setting: The most popular angel filly, firmly believes that happiness can bring luck, has the most beautiful glitter angel wings

Her possible earlier appearance[]

Angelina alt BO

On image from a presentation about Blue Ocean's magazines (2020), [1], Angelina still had white colored body and green eyes, as well as similar shape of wings, crown, style of hair but colors of her hooves, mane, tail and wings were different. Her wings seemingly had no gemstones and it's possible only upper part's feathers were as shiny as wings of finalized Angelina are.

It's unknown when exactly this illustration was created.

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