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Voiced by •Oriana Villacis Lang-VE.png
First appearance Toy lines
Filly Angels toy line

Filly Funtasia
Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near

Species Angel
Gender Female
Title •Princess
•Prinzessin Lang-DE.png
•Принцеса Lang-UA.png
•Princesse Lang-FR.png
•Princes Lang-NL.png
•Princesa Lang-ES.png Lang-PT.png
•Księżniczka Lang-PL.png
Other names •Анджелина, Анджелiна Lang-UA.png
•אנג'לינה Lang-HE.png
Home Angel's Palace
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The special character from the 2018 toy line, Angelina's toy features gemstones in the wings.

From the official flyer's text:

'She is the most special Filly Angel with her golden super glitter wings. She magically spreads the gift of happiness'.

In Filly Funtasia

Angelina is a filly who visited Sparkle in Funtasia to take a letter and return back to Paradisia. However, her visit turned out to be a much longer one, when she found friends in Rose and the others.

She is seen in several episodes of the show, being one of the main characters of episode 16.