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It's not uncommon to see Fillies depicted with non-Filly animals. Bella, for instance, is often shown with birds. However, some non-Filly animals take up residence with Fillies, mostly for the Butterfly, Witchy, and Star Fillies.

Froggy the frog - Cropped from magazine

Butterfly Filly pets

Insects that share the Butterfly Fillies' homes.


  • Blue (Water family)
  • Cici (Flower family)
  • Harmony (Princess Scarlet)
  • Mystery (Mysterious family)
  • Maestro (Leaf family)
  • Pinky (Heart family)
  • Honey (Sun family)


The Filly Wedding toy line features a reindeer who pull the wedding carriages. One, a reindeer named Romy, was a magazine exclusive and featured in its comic, Romy Gibt Gas!.

In late 2015, a Filly magazine had Ruby, a pink reindeer, as a gift. Ruby is shown to be friends with a Moonlight region Star Filly on the magazine's cover.

Star Filly pets

12 Zodiac-themed pets. For animal signs with no human qualities, the pet will correspond to that sign (e.g. Aries, the ram sign, has Aero the ram, while Sagittarius, the archer/centaur sign, has an owl).

An exception is Cappy, who represents Capricorn but is, according to Capri's description, half-ram/half-fish rather than half-goat/half-fish (rams are male sheep and represent Aries). This may be a misunderstanding as many people confuse sheep and goats, particularly male sheep (rams) and goats. Cappy's art gives him a beard, strongly implying he is indeed half-goat.

Their owners are those who are also named after the same Zodiac sign, i.e.

  • Aquarius: Akira (seahorse) and Aquarius
  • Aries: Aero (ram) and Aries
  • Cancer: Cancie (lobster) and Cara
  • Capricorn: Cappy (half-ram/half-fish) and Capri
  • Gemini: Geri (snake) and Gemma
  • Leo: Lio (lion) and Leon
  • Libra: Liberius (parrot) and Libra
  • Pisces: Piona (fish) and Pisca
  • Sagittarius: Saggi (owl) and Saga
  • Scorpio: Snippy (scorpion) and Scorpio
  • Taurus: Toro (bully) and Tauria
  • Virgo: Vicki (swan) and Virginia

Witchy Filly familiars

The Witchy Fillies have animal companions that are frequently depicted with them.

  • Alexis the cat
  • Flamey the dragon
  • Froggy the frog
  • Hocus the owl
  • Hopsy the hare
  • Pocus the raven
  • Sakury the squirrel
  • Windy the bat

Filly Ice Witchy has added a new pet, it's Snowy the stoat. The crystal of the necklace helps them to talk to the fillys.

The thing that separates these animal companions from others is the medallions they all wear, similar to the ones worn by the dorm pets in Filly Funtasia.

Miscellaneous animals and creatures

A snow white dove holding a rose is seen at the artwork for the package of 'Filly Wedding' toy line.

There are the other animals too, for example the helpers of Filly Mermaids. They have been depicted on the illustrations for various material and they exist in a toy form.

In Filly Funtasia

There are only two companions of the show who wear the medallions. The other two aren't confirmed to be present in Filly Funtasia, and are only seen in the concept art images of the specials.

The current list of companions is:

  • Battiwigs;
  • Bijou;
  • Aero ('Filly Stars'), a pet of Zodia;
  • The unnamed dragonfly ('Filly Butterfly'), is seen on the concept art images; it is possible they are a companion of Alyssa;