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Voiced by •Franklin Zambrano Lang-VE.png
First appearance The Star Crystal
Species Star
Gender Male
Other names 安田 Lang-ZH.png
Home Royal Magic Academy
Grandchildren Zack
Sibling/s Centauri
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Antares is the astronomy teacher at the Royal Magic Academy in the Filly Funtasia series.

In all the episodes where he appeared, he is shown to be a smart, caring, understanding filly who has knowledge in his field and who helps others when they ask, even giving Star Crystal away to the fairies so as to save their land and them (in A Visit from Fairy Land), to give more context about changes in weather of Magical Land to Princess Sparkle in I Dare You, to give advice to Rose and Cedric (in Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near) so Angelina and her friends can reach Paradisia within very short time (as well as to watch with help of his telescope if they managed to do it safely), as well as to ask Zack to save Rose's life in finale of season one.

He knows about negative feelings Centauri brother had due to Sparkle being Headmistress of The Academy and found it necessary to ask Centauri not to use The Dark Crystal.

Royal Magic Academy staff