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Filly Funtasia Promo 3

The April 2014 trailer of Filly Funtasia was added to YouTube in early April 2014 and was published to a public audience on the 11th of April 2014.

The trailer shows a lot of snippets of events, taken from various episodes, with a song playing through almost the entirety of it. The song is colloquially known as From Now Until Forever, a eurodance song with a female solo artist.

This trailer uses clips from the following episodes:


It starts off showing some of the pretty large outdoor areas of the Royal Magic Academy with some basic sales stats added on top of it. After that, it shows the main characters expressing various facial expressions. It includes Will talking to an orange unicorn of uncertain origins. Rose hugs Lynn next to a forest.

Rose gets the leftover paper of a cupcake form thrown in her face. Zack is in the classroom talking to Twilight. Sparkle answers to a mirror call from Bella. Rose raises her hoof in the classroom. A whirlwind wrecks havok during a class.

Zack is leading Rose and Fabian into a cave with a crystal, Will watches frogs hop around, after which Lynn runs out of the classroom with Cedric trying to catch up with her. Wranglum and Battiwigs fall into a chest of crystals.

Lynn tries to stop while nearing a cliff. A few Fillies are outdoors, each lifting their left hind leg. Bella summons her mirror. Will makes a funny face in the forest. Fabian looks at something in the academy's basement next to Rose. Zack falls into a ravine and activates a beacon with Rose, also having fallen, at his side. Lynn runs through a dark forest. A mirror call to Sparkle and Ashia from Bella appears.

Rose uses a mirror to take a picture of both herself and a surprised Lynn. The blue crystal lands in the forest next to the academy. Rose bumps into Fabian inside a cave, causing him to almost enter a pit. More various faces, then Princess Sparkle and some other Fillies laugh, then the song ends.

The trailer rounds off with Rose falling into a fountain at a promenade square at the Academy, with Fabian standing ominously close to her.


  • From Now Until Forever as heard in this trailer has an unique version of the Filly franchise's leitmotif layered onto the beginning. It is removed from the song some time after this trailer is made.
  • In one of the outdoor scenes shown near the beginning of the trailer, two buildings were positioned differently. Evidently, they were later repositioned upwards because their previous positioning as seen in this video resulted in clipping errors.
    • The two yellow trees near these buildings were made smaller for the released episode.
  • After the cupcake flies into Rose's face, the frosting from it as seen on her face appears rougher.
  • There's no rain as Lynn runs through the dark forest. More of this version of the scene is later shown in the April 2020 trailer.
  • Some scenes in this trailer have Ashia in place of Florian.
  • Fabian with Cedric's coat

    Fabian had Cedric's coat in one of the shots. The same shot was also seen zooming in on Twilight and Zack. The camera here is stationary in the released version and the error with Fabian's coat was fixed.
  • The scenario of how Rose, Cedric, and Lynn get caught in the tornado is different:
    • In the trailer, they each clung onto the cauldron and were sucked, one by one, into the tornado. Rose was already pulled into the tornado in the footage shown. Cedric can be seen losing his grip, the same happening to Lynn a moment later.
    • In the released version, the wind from the tornado flings Lynn toward Cedric, causing him to be pushed into Rose. All three are then bumped off into the tornado at the same time by Melody. A shot was also added to the scene that puts better focus on them getting caught in the tornado.
  • The tornado potion's animation had intense effects that were toned down for the episode's release.
  • Zack's mirror was colored white in the version seen here. In the final release, it's blue.
  • Some changes to lighting in some scenes.

Release history

BRB Internacional, having faced problems with releases of earlier trailers, were very careful about not drawing undesired attention to this video. It was originally released as part of a compilation of in-progress productions in early April 2014 and made it unlisted, and when they seemingly realized that virtually no one had seen it, they made it slightly more available by publishing a link to it on Twitter while still making it unlisted.

As it at last had got at least some attention, it took only a few days before fan uploads that chopped down the compilation to only the Filly Funtasia part was uploaded, such as the one linked to on this page, though usually with a split-second of the ending of the Invizimals trailer that preceded it.

Some months later, BRB Internacional did release a stand-alone official upload, though with tweaked lighting effects to make everything seem much brighter. The biggest effect was that the scene with Lynn running in the forest now appeared to take place in the late evening around sunset, while the original version had a lighting more like a cartoon-style full moon night. These changes were divisive among the fans, though with an ever so slight majority being negative.

In September or October 2014, it was included in another compilation video, this time featuring 2014 and 2015 productions. It has not yet as of 17th of December 2014 been investigated what lighting that was in use here, but the content in the trailer was seemingly the same as it has always been.