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Filly Funtasia Toonz Promo

The April 2020 trailer has female narration playing over footage from various episodes of Filly Funtasia. It describes a few things about the show, including the plot and the types of morals it could teach.

This trailer contains clips from the following episodes:


The video starts with the song Magical World playing as Rose enters the Royal Magic Academy of Funtasia. The trailer welcomes the audience to Funtasia and begins talking about the Academy. It then mentions that its students are taught about friendship, honesty, feelings, and unity, and uses clips from some episodes for examples.

When the trailer talks about friendship, it shows Rose and Lynn reuniting. For honesty, the trailer shows Bella confessing about eating Will's cupcakes while stuck in a trap. To show an example of feelings, the trailer shows the three girls expressing love for something offscreen, and Bella mentions how it is "so beautiful." To show unity, Coach tells the other teachers about blasting a creature to dust, then Florian nods in agreement. Lastly, the trailer mentions the Academy teaching its students how to use magic, and how not to use it, showing a few different examples.

The song Together With You begins playing as Zack tells Rose and Fabian to follow him through the caves. The trailer then mentions that the characters go through exciting adventures to collect various magic crystals.

When the scene ends, the song transitions to In the Storm. The camera pans across a wall with paintings that feature Wranglum, before transitioning to a scene with a terrified Lynn running in a forest and stopping near a cliff. During this time, the trailer mentions that their journeys would have many challenges for them to overcome. The trailer then describes Wranglum and his plans to take the crystals and take over Funtasia, with Battiwigs being his klutzy minion.

As the song transitions back into Magical World, the trailer mentions how the show is full of comedy, action, and magic, and that the main characters will proceed by the use of magic mirrors. The trailer then ends with a roll call with all five of Filly Funtasia's main characters.


  • The trailer uses alternative versions of existing scenes, some of which were shown in previous trailers. Parts of some of these scenes were edited out for this trailer.
    • There is no rain for the entirety of when Lynn runs alone in the forest. A brief glimpse of this was previously shown in the April 2014 trailer. All parts of the scene featuring Battiwigs aren't shown.
    • When Rose rescues Lynn, the scene appears to be identical to the version shown in the March 2018 trailer. Unlike the March 2018 trailer, she is shown deactivating the light from her mirror before landing next to Lynn. She doesn't do this until after she lands in the released version.
    • The scene with Rose and Zack creating a beacon using their mirrors was also the same as seen in the March 2018 trailer.
    • While some parts are skipped, it's evident that the version of the scene with Rose, Zack, and Fabian walking through some caves is nearly identical to the version seen in October 2014 trailer.
  • Bella is referred to by her full name, Isabella, but the text onscreen only shows her nickname. This is because the clips used for the roll call were taken from the show's intro.
  • Near the end of the trailer, a section of the English version of the song Magical World can be heard that was never heard in previous advertising. This section seems to start exactly where what is heard in the Magical World trailer ended.