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Aquatica 1.png
Native Filly type Mermaid
Residents Ariella
Princess Pearl
Other names Акватика Lang-RU.png

Aquatica is the homeplace of the Mermaid Fillies in the regular version and the Pearl Edition. It is located under the turquoise waves of the Filly oceans. Every one of them reside in Aquatica's treasure chest, which stores quite a lot of treasures. Its ruler is Princess Pearl.

The musical traditions of Aquatica reaches far and wide. Pretty literally in fact, as the singing and laughter of the Aquatica residents can be heard along the land shores, as well as in warm water, possibly at specific areas. Among the facilites of Aquatica includes a squash bar run by Marina and a haircut salon run by Violet, both with multiple customers. The scenery includes clams and rocks, and the Fillys of Aquatica can often be found there.

The Glitter Edition Mermaids live in Coralia, a different location.

In Filly Funtasia

In the series, Aquatica is through an underwater tunnel in the depths of Dream Lake. At the start of The Lost Mermaid, the tunnel has long been sealed after a fight against Wranglum. However, Rose, Bella and Will help Glitterina to restore it through the course of the episode. Glitterina is the only Filly shown or named in the episode despite being the ruler of Coralia, not Aquatica, in toy canon (although whether Coralia exists as its own region within the show remains ambiguous).