Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Home Somnia
First appearance Filly Unicorn toy line
Spouse Squeak
Children Gaia

The Ashia-like unicorn and Twilight worry

Ashia is known to be a powerful magician, and has the ability to talk to stars... somehow. In Crystalia, there's even rumors going around that she can help your dreams come true. As a part of the Somnia sleep-based family, chances are she could help both with your sleeping dreams as well as your biggest wishes, unless the ambiguous writing was unintended.

Known appearances in Filly FuntasiaEdit

A unicorn resembling her is seen in some parts of the October 2013 trailer. This Filly has a more pink body and different crown design, but her yellow eyes and apparent job as a teacher suggest it is Ashia, not her daughter Luna.