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Baroness Flower
Baroness Flower 1.png
First appearance Filly Princess toy line
Species Princess
Gender Female
Title Baroness
Baronesa Lang-ES.png
Baronessa Lang-SE.png
Baronesse Lang-DK.pngLang-NO.png
Baronin Lang-DE.png
Baronka Lang-CZ.png
Bárónő Lang-HU.png
Baronne Lang-FR.png
Baronowa Lang-PL.png
Баронесса Lang-RU.png
Baroness Lang-IT.png
Other names Fleur Lang-FR.png
Marie Lang-HU.png
Флауэ Lang-RU.png
Home Castle of Rhiannon
Spouse Sir Kuno
Other relatives Cedric (cousin)
Noëlle (niece)
Princess Jade (cousin)
Princess Pretty (cousin)

Baroness Flower is a Filly who is enjoying the view from her castle, which is located high up in the mountains, and whose balcony she sits on every day.

Notes on heritage

Given the extensive nature of the Princess Fillies' family tree in toy canon, it is likely that Baroness Flower is Cedric's cousin through King Ekaros' family, though it is not clear which of she and her husband is a blood relative. It is also possible that "cousin" is being used generally and that they are further removed than his first cousin.

Fillies from Castle of Rhiannon
Baroness Flower, Sir Kuno