It was this tall
Species Bat
Gender Male
Home Royal Magic Academy
First appearance The Cupcake Mystery
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Battiwigs the bat is the dorm pet of Cedric and Will.

Secretly, he is also the minion of Wranglum, the main antagonist of the series.

Battiwigs and WranglumEdit

Battiwigs does the bidding of the evil Wranglum, though why has not been explained. Wranglum treats Battiwigs poorly, occasionally even attacking him with spells, but Battiwigs seems to crave praise from Wranglum. Usually this seems like a toxic friendship, with the exception of the episode Wranglum in Disguise, which suggests that Wranglum truly cares for the bat on some level.


Battiwigs is one of very few non-Filly creatures who has been seen speaking. Bijou, the other regularly-seen dorm pet, seems unable to speak. Furthermore, Battiwigs has never been seen to speak to the Fillies, meaning it's possible that they don't know he can speak, or that Wranglum is the only one who understands what Battiwigs is saying.


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