Species Elf
Gender Female
Home Magic Bella Villa
First appearance Filly Elves toy line
Parent/s Blossom
Sibling/s Cherry
For the Angel Filly, see Bella (Angel).

Bella, which is also known as Isabella for short in most of the merchandise, is a female Filly originating from the Filly Elves. An overload of natural beauty and joy, she is Emocia's guardian of birds, and can talk to and with them.

Bella 3, German toy bio

Her German toy bio, which is currently untranslated.

She lives in the Magic Blossom Villa (ger: Die Magische Blütenvilla), who are additionally known to be Emocia's guardians of beauty.

Known appearances in Filly FuntasiaEdit

In the October 2013 trailer, she is told by Will (Willow) that he has her bow and wonders where his cupcakes went. After Rose says that Bella didn't take them, she is pressured to go along with Rose's exlanation.

When Lynn describes a large, frightening monster, Bella adds that it had yellow eyes.

She stands on the front steps of one of the school's buildings and shows how to kick with her hind left leg. Four other Fillys, including Cedric and Lynn, tries to replicate it right afterwards.

Bella is at one point arguing with Rose whether she is a hero or not.

She is seen triggering a trap involving a falling log.

In the April 2014 trailer, she is seen contacting Ashia and Luna by means of using mirrors. She is also seen summoning a mirror from thin air, which sparked discussions over how mirrors work in the show.

In the tv series, Bella is Rose's and Lynn's roomate and one of Bijou's owners.

Heritage and relationsEdit

Bella 2, Heritage

She is the daughter of Florian and Blossom, and the younger sister of Cherry. She is also very good friends with Xander, who is often said to be a prince.

Sammelband descriptionEdit

Unchecked translation:

Isabella Guardian of birds


  • Name: Bella
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Coat color: White
  • Biggest wish: When Isabella is in open nature, she is careless and happy
  • Motto: When you need some happiness, get some freetime and sunshine!
  • She likes to do this: Going on adventures with Xander
  • Family and Friends: Prince Xander is her best friend.
  • Unusual trait: She can speak with the birds of Emocia

Natural beauty: In contrast to her big sister Cherry, Bella opts for naturalness. She doesn't need much in life, feels good about herself, and does not own a comb. Because of that, she keeps borrowing for herself the broken hairbrush from her sister.

Her gift: What makes Isabella sure of her hours-long discovery journeys in Emocia's beautiful nature? She entertain herself with the birds and reads to them her stories and tales of Emocia and the rest of the world.

This is Isabella:

The guardian of birds is always in a good mood and will always like everyone. Sometimes she is a bit clumsy, but she transforms this with ease into her funny and likeable behavior.

Bella with bird - Image from Blue Ocean Entertainment's site

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