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First appearance Filly Elves toy line
Species Elf
Gender Female
Home Magic Bella Villa
Spouse Florian
Children Bella
Other relatives Bonita (cousin)

Blossom is Bella's mother.

Description from MyFilly site

Blossom, the mother of Isabella and Cherry, spreads flowers and blooming everywhere she goes. She is the Spring Bringer of Emocia and every spring she arranges a big party to welcome the new season.

In Filly Sammelband...

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  • Herald of spring
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Coat colour: Sunny yellow
  • Greatest wish: Endless spring
  • Motto: Flowers, sun, happiness; spring is the best time!
  • She likes that: The scent of daffodils
  • Family and Friends: Blossom lovingly takes care of her husband Florian and their two daughters
  • Special trait: Where Blossom is, the flowers sprout and the blossoms bloom in all their glory.
  • Spring Festival of Blossom: Every spring, the Spring Herald throws a big festival to welcome Spring. She looks forward to it all year long!
  • Her greatest joy: When the sun shines, Blossom is happy! In autumn and winter she is always a bit sleepy.
  • Family ties: Blossom is married to the scattered Florian and takes good care of him when he's wandering around the Blossom Mansion absent-mindedly. She is very proud of her beautiful daughters Isabella and Cherry.
Fillies from Magic Bella Villa
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