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Butterfly Fillies are one of the races that inhabit the Filly World. They live in the gardenous land of Papillia.

Racial Traits

All Butterfly Fillies have large butterfly wings. While some Fairy Fillies also have insect-like wings, those of the Butterfly Fillies can be differentiated from those in several ways:

  • The bottom of the Butterfly Fillies' wings reach to below their waist and they tend to hold them upright so that this is clear
  • The Butterfly Fillies' wings are not a single colour (though sometimes use two tones of the same colour)
  • The Butterfly Fillies' wings have intricate patterns relating to which group they belong to (e.g. hearts for the Heart Group)

Basically, the Butterfly Fillies' wings look like pretty butterfly wings. In comparison, the Fairy Fillies' wings are usually green, smaller and without a set shape.

All Butterfly Fillies also have antennae on their head, generally peeking out of the front section of their haircut and right behind their crowns. They are known to be used for communication, although virtually all speech is done through words that are spoken with their mouths. Princess Scarlet is also known to paint rainbows with her antennae.

MyFilly site story highlights

  • The Filly Butterflies are such a pretty sight! Their beautiful wings are shining with bright colors. Their golden crowns are very special, since on all of them there is a real crystal! They have cute antennas that they use to communicate with each other.
  • (...) Once every month, a big ship sails through the sky carrying Princess Scarlet, who is the monarch of Papillia. Her rainbow wings are the largest butterfly wings you have ever seen, and she is amazingly beautiful. Where the ship comes from is a big mystery, but everyone is happy when they see it approaching on the horizon.
  • In every cozy household of the Filly Butterflies there is a family pet, which helps the Filly Butterflies in their everyday life.
  • Today is a Filly Butterfly day! Will you come and join them?

'MyFilly' channel descriptions

  • <...> Princess Scarlet invites all of her friends to come to a big dance at the Filly Butterfly Ship. Every Butterfly family has prepared something special for the event, and every time it is a big surprise! But what is that out in the distance? It looks almost like a big tower made out of flowers! The Filly Butterflies can barely see it through the magical mist, which is always covering the tower, but they all plan to venture out on Scarlet´s ship one day to explore it!
  • <...> The Filly Butterflies are such a pretty sight! Their beautiful wings are shining with bright colors. Their golden crowns are very special, since on all of them there is a real crystal!

The groups of butterfly filly characters

The characters are divided into several groups which are associated with symbols, the colors of gems inside the crowns and who are given certain pets:

  • Leaf group: a single green leaf.  Their pet is Maestro the grasshopper;
  • Water group: three drops of water. The companion's name is Blue;
  • Sunshine group: the little sun which appears to look different when compared to the symbol of Sunlight fillys from Filly Stars. Their friend is the bee known as Honey;
  • Heart group: pink heart. Their helper is caterpillar Pinky;
  • Flower group: a red rose. The little pal is named as Cici;
  • Mysterious group: purple butterfly. The pet of these fillys is called Mystery;

Princess Scarlet is the only one filly of the Special group, her symbol is a rainbow colored gem in the shape of a diamond. Harmony is a companion of Scarlet.

There are four other butterfly Fillys with rainbow colored wings. They however may not be related to the Special group.

List of Butterfly Fillies

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