Castle of Belisama
Castle of Belisama
Region Filly Kingdom
Native Filly type Princess
Residents Prince Valentin
Princess Amira
Snow Queen
Sultan Amin
Other names Солнечный Луг Lang-RU

The Castle of Belisama is a location in the Filly Kingdom, and is home to Sultan Amin, Snow Queen, Prince Valentin, and Princess Amira. Books on Filly Princess say that the castle was built by "King Victor" a long time ago, and some say that his ghost often appears within the castle's walls, spooking the most impressionable visitors. This also leaves the implication that King Victor is the only character in any Filly material to ever have died in any fashion.

Sulta Admin 2, Amin English bio

The part with the swimming pool is based on Sulta Admin's toy bio.

Among the facilities of the castle is an indoor swimming pool, which Sultan Amin loves to take a bath in, possibly more so during the winter.

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