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Castle of Dagda
Castle of Dagda (Sammelband).png
Region Filly Kingdom
Native Filly type Princess
Residents Emperor Karus
Empress Diva
Other names Schloss Kaiserberg Lang-DE.png
Замок на Императорской Горе; Замок Кайзерберг Lang-RU.png
Castello di Dagda Lang-IT.png

A location in the Filly Kingdom. Home to Empress Diva and Emperor Karus.

The castle's parlour hosts a giant poster of Filly Princess' ancestry. 

In Filly Sammelband 2012...

'There is a large workspace that belongs to Emperor Karus in the castle. There he proudly keeps the family tree of his family. It is the only castle with a drawbridge'.

Interesting facts

As seems to be the case with other name patterns of Princess toy line's locations, Russian name is very close to German, while Italian name is identical to English.

From the official site