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Filly Funtasia's Cedric
Filly Funtasia's Cedric
Voiced by •Markovics Tamás Lang-HU.png
•קובי ליקורמן Lang-HE.png
•Charlierick Jhonnson Lang-VE.png
First appearance Toy lines
Filly Princess

Filly Funtasia
The Cupcake Mystery

Species Princess/Royale
Gender Male
Title Prince
•Herceg Lang-HU.png
•Książę Lang-PL.png
•Принц Lang-RU.png, Lang-UA.png
•Принца Lang-UA.png
•Princ Lang-CZ.png
•Príncipe Lang-ES.png
•Prints Lang-ET.png
•Princis Lang-LV.png
•Princas Lang-LI.png
•Prince Lang-CZ.png
•Prins Lang-DK.png, Lang-NO.png, Lang-SE.png
•Prinz Lang-DE.png
•Principe Lang-IT.png
Other names •Седрик Lang-RU.png, Lang-UA.png
•Седрiк Lang-UA.png
•Цедрик Lang-RU.png
•赛迪 Lang-ZH.png
•סדריק Lang-HE.png
•Sedrik Language-sr.png
•เซดริก Lang-TH.png
Home Filly Princess
Castle of Sirona

Filly Royale
Crystal's Castle

Sibling/s Filly Princess
Princess Jade
Princess Pretty

Filly Royale

Parent/s Filly Princess
King Ekaros
Queen Leonarda

Filly Royale

Grandparents Filly Princess
Emperor Karus
Empress Diva
Cousins Filly Princess
Princess Amira
Baroness Flower
Sir Kuno
Duke Linard
Prince Valentin
Other relatives Filly Princess
Sultan Amin (uncle)
Snow Queen (aunt)
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Cedric is a male Royale Filly. He is one of many characters who were Princess Fillies prior to the introduction of the Filly Royale toy line.

In Filly Funtasia

Cedric is one of the main cast of the series. He shares his dorm with Will and their dorm pet is Battiwigs the bat.

He is shown as a smart and diligent pupil, but Dream of Doom reveals that he trusts his dreams (which he believes to be prophetic) to a fault, and will go to extremes to protect those he cares about.

In short videos of Filly Funtasia

Shown as a knowledgeable, eager to learn filly, but who can also get angered easily if others don't know something and give wrong answers even after some time. In the shorts, he can punch Will (several times) even despite being his friend and not hitting anyone in the show itself.

Tokyo Olympics English language lesson.mp4 20210725 143742.568.png

Official pitch bible's info

Cedric the prince.

Cedric is a very handsome, exceedingly intelligent teen; clueless that half the girls at the Academy are hoping he will invite them to the Royal Ball.

Cedric is an academic whiz and inventor, using magic to create cool new things or make old ones better - or at least that's the idea when he casts the spell - even if it often backfires with a big BOOM! Oh yeah, the guys' Dorm definitely rocks a lot.

Likes: Spaghetti, science, reading, and everything always neat and orderly.

Dislikes: Eggplant, tea parties and messy dorm mates.

Favorite saying: "Where's the logic in that?"

Special Magic Power: Enhanced courage usually in the scariest possible situations.

Cedric is already Isabella's very best friend and he will soon become one of Rose's too. However, Princess Rose will be the last to know that she is the first girl he has ever had a crush on. Unfortunately for Cedric, Rose just thinks of him like the brother she never had'.

From the pitch bible of the specials

Cedric is an academic whiz and inventor, combining his brains with magic to create the most unexpected things or make old ones better. Luckily, he's not distracted easily... given Will is his roommate. Something Cedric is not: a brain for emotions. Hey, he's a good guy, only sometimes he needs some clues to help him out in social life.

Minimax coloring video

Cedric - Clever and clumsy

Cedric is a handsome prince from the Royalia Kingdom, who likes everything tidy and in order. Cedric loves learning and is usually top of the class in most lessons, his favourite being science and the creative arts.

Cedric pretends not to notice the girls looking at him but secretly enjoys the attention.

Somewhat clumsy, Cedric can be so busy reading instructions for a magic spell or invention that he doesn't always notice what he's doing until it's too late!

He would rather complete his homework than bunk off and have fun, something which drives Will crazy. 'Get a life, dude!' complains Will, but as Cedric points out, to him, learning is fun! [1] [2]

Other official descriptions

TrueVisions (Thailand)

A handsome, smart, but clumsy prince. [3] [4]

Toy canon

Filly Princess

Cedric was originally in the Filly Princess toy line, but the Filly Royale toy line appears to have overwritten its canon, including family trees, resulting in two separate versions of the toy canon. Given that the Royale toy line is the most recent, it is presumably the canon closest to that of the series.

Filly Royale

In the Filly Princess toy line, Cedric is a regal Filly who doesn't always enjoy behaving that way and has an interest in sword fighting.

The Royale toy line has given him a few changes that makes him more recognizable as the character seen in Filly Funtasia. While it kept Cedric's rebellious interest in sword fighting, he now also has an interest in inventing, and was given a visual appearance that better matches the version seen in the show.

"Prince Cedric loves tournaments! Even though his parents keep reminding him that he is a prince and that he should act like a prince. He often sneaks out and help the esquires at the ring on the castle grounds."

Story from the MyFilly site (Filly Royale toy line)

Prince Cedric is a very intelligent prince. When he is not busy studying and inventing something new, he joins tournaments. Even though his parents keep reminding him that he is a prince and that he should act like a prince, he often sneaks out and practice sword-fighting on the castle grounds.

Sammelband description (Princess)

Incomplete translation:


  • Name: Cedric
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Coat color: White-Blue spots
  • Occupation: Prince
  • Lives at: The Castle of Siren Rock (titulated Castle of Sirona on English toy sites)
  • Unusual trait: He is in possession of a magic sword, which can become invisible.
  • Favorite motto: "A great fighter would I be, if I train every day to see."
  • Favorite place: My castle

His greatest dream:
Cedric would love to one day participate in a big tournament, and therefore he trains at sword fighting every day at home.

He enjoys to do this:
In the evening, before he goes to bed, Cedric polishes his magic sword, which he hides under his bed.

Sammelband description (Royale)

This text was translated from German automatically

Prince Cedric

  • Eye colour: Deep sea blue
  • Coat colour: Edelweiss and violet purple
  • He likes: Reading books and learning something new
  • Special traits: Cedric can create new things and make old things look new and beautiful again!
  • This is friendship: When you don't keep secrets from each other
  • Did you know? Prince Cedric likes to play dominoes with Karus with magical game scenes! They change colour and start to glitter when placed appropriately. By the way, we humans have been playing dominoes for almost 1000 years!
  • My tip for little princesses: Be self-confident: You can certainly do more than you think you can!

The Crystal Family focused page has this text:

Crystal Family: Royal coherency!

  • <...> Prince Cedric: Can handle the sword like no one else. <...>
  • The Royal Family... is something very special: <...> Cedric is very smart! <...> This family always sticks together and is always there for others!

Changes in the design (Royale)

The different design of Cedric

Prior the final version of his appearance, Cedric had a few of pink hairs for the mane (which was also longer), a green colored gem in his crown and the flower symbol (the one fillys of the Friendship/Emerald group have), latter could be a callback to how groups of fillys were constructed for back sides of package for Filly Princess toy sets made after Unicorn's debut and consisting of a few characters (symbols were completely taken from Unicorn's canon) where Cedric belongs to Friendship group as well.

Groups in updated Filly Princess

These traits are depicted on one of the 'work in progress' images for Filly Royale package and found on sites that sell toys.

References and links

  4. Translated from Thai: "เจ้าชายรูปงาม ฉลาด. แต่ซุ่มซ่าม."
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