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Voiced by Manuel Arias Lang-VE.png
First appearance Battle of The Dark Crystal
Species Star
Gender Male
Other names 森特 Lang-ZH.png
Home Unknown
Sibling/s Antares

He receives Dark Crystal from Sparkle to keep it from being used for evil purposes.

It was said he was loyally serving The Academy's garden for many decades and earned Sparkle's trust eventually.

Centauri was dreaming to be the principal of The Academy and had negative feelings towards Sparkle due to that (it is also a reason why Antares warned his brother not to use Dark Crystal's powers, ever).

Centauri's only voiced line can be heard in the very last episode of season 1; it is him commenting that the powers of Dark Crystal would be of perspective for the future.


  • It is possible the origin of his name is related to Alpha Centauri, (one of the known star systems), following the pattern of how Star fillys may be named.