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The bio card of Christmas Angel.

Christmas, also celebrated as Weihnacht, is a celebration observed by certain Fillys. Common things associated with this Filly celebration is candles, red hats, and candy canes, and some Fillys only really appear in the setting of this event. Snow is also very common, but doesn't always play a major part.

In Filly canon

Nathalie is generally annoying to the other Ice Elves in Crystal Valley, but one Christmas morning, she hung up a stocking full of sweets and gifts in their castle, secretly.

Regions that find themselves celebrating Christmas very often have a layer of snow on the ground, even if the region is located far to the south in the Filly world, such as Papillia.

According to the 13/2012 Filly magazine, the Elf Fillies have a Christmas wreath with candles on it. That particular year, Xander was given the honor of lighting them candles. The Unicorn Fillies also decorate a Christmas tree on Iridia.

In Filly merchandise

A number of Filly-themed advent calendars are released annually, sometimes multiple ones in the same year, practically all of them including Christmas-themed Fillys. The order of calendars and their release years, give or take one year, is:

Year Calendar and brand Included Christmas Fillys Notes
2010 Filly Fairy Christmas Angel (Weihnachtsengel coloration)
2011 Filly Unicorn Noélle
2012 Filly Ice Unicorn Carina Very little in the way of actual Christmas focus. Not even Carina is much Christmas-themed.
2012 Filly Elves Christine, and Katie holding a wreath
2012 Filly (also known as Filly World) Christmas Angel, Noëlle and Noélle The only known advent calendar to specifically target an international audience, as opposed to just German-speaking markets.
2013 Filly Ice Elves No Christmas-themed exclusives
2013 Filly Witchy Celestia holding a carefully tinkered Christmas star
2013 Filly Ice Witchy Three Ice Witchys not seen in other merch, with Holly as vaguely Christmas-themed
2014 Filly Butterfly Chris, Julia, Lucia and Frost The first advent calendar to include a full household as exclusives.
2015 Filly Stars Bellisa, Candice and Stara The only relation of these fillys to Christmas is the bright Santa like hats they wear

In addition, the years 2010 through 2013 had the Filly main magazine's December edition be Christmas-themed, and also including a toy of a character holding a Christmas object.

Many of the Christmas Fillys have names themed after Christmas and Weihnacht, a few of which such as Christmas Angel (Lang-DE.png Weihnachtsengel) or Weihnachtsprinzessin (Lang-UK.png Noëlle) should be obvious even to the Fillys themselves. Others require knowledge of French (Noëlle, Noélle) or Scandinavian (Julia), while other names yet are reminiscent of Christmas features that the Fillys presumably does not know of at all, such as Lucia.