Filly Wiki

First appearance Filly Unicorn toy line
Species Unicorn
Gender Male
Title Prince

Принц Lang-RU.png
(Filly Ballerina)

Other names Кори Lang-RU.png
Home Amicia
Sibling/s Oryx
Parent/s Alvara
Other relatives Karkadan (cousin)
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Cory is a male Unicorn Filly, and works at the old workshop alongside his best friend Karkadan, who is also his cousin and household companion. Cory primarily takes care of blowing glass flower vases, which he is talented at.

This character also has a figurine of Filly Unicorn's toy line's rerelease.

As a Ballerina filly

Cory is included in the 'Emerald' group of characters from this toy line. He has green shoes and a cape of an emerald shade.
Gemstone's colour and design appear unchanged.