Species Lusitano
Gender Female
Home Portugal
First appearance Filly Beach Party set
Other names Bella Lang-CZ

Crumb is a female Lusitano from the Filly Beach Party line. She can bake some very delicious cookies, and as she is preparing for "tonight's" beach party, she will be trying out a new flavour, which is banana cookies. She is highly certain that the other Fillys on the Filly Beach will think highly of them when they get to eat the cookies.

The french name of this filly is also Bella, just like the one of czech version.

According to the card of Crumb, their stats may be described with the numbers that are listed below:

  • Beauty: 200;
  • Speed: 400;
  • Intelligence: 300;


The illustration of this character (from the first 'Filly Sammelband')

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