Crystal Valley
Crystal Valley
Native Filly type Elf

The Crystal Valley (Lang-DE Kristallen Tal) is located beyond the borders of Emocia, and is the main location of the Filly Ice Elves. Its flora and climate includes trees covered by snow and twisty icicles, and all ten of the Ice Elves live in an unseen ice-tree castle. The land and the Ice Elves are ruled by Princess Saphira.

The Ice Elves are remote cousins of the Emocia Elves. They polish their relations with them by visiting Emocia relatives once a year to charge their batteries, and in return organise a big skating tournament that lasts for one month, where the bonds between them are celebrated.

The main feature of the Crystal Valley is a heart-shaped ice rink, not unlike Glacia, of which the ice is of very good quality, so good in fact that the Ice Elves experience such happiness that they leave glowing signature trails behind them when they skate on it.

In contrast to Glacia on the other hand, the only major activities done on the ice rink is ice dancing and general ice skating.

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