Native Filly type Unicorn
Subregions Amicia


Crystalia -1 Filly Princess site

Crystalia as seen on the Filly Unicorn sub-brand site. The six parts of the maps were combined together to scale, but with various elements clashing or missing.

Crystalia is known to be the home of the Unicorn Fillies, which count 20 Filly Unicorns, 13 Ice Unicorns, and 2 Unicorns from the Filly Wedding brand.

Its resident leader is Princess Sparkle.


Crystalia is a group of six islands made out of gems, located high up in the air. Additionally, the seventh island of Glacia appears when the round Ice Rainbow shows up in the sky. Transportation between the islands are done through rainbows connecting the five outer islands with Iridia, but they can only be used during the day. Hot air balloons are also mentioned.

The temperatures allow for growing flowers of many colors most of the year, and has snowfall and lake freezing in the winter.

The islands are:

Description from MyFilly siteEdit

In the winter time, when the snow is falling and the sun is reflected in the sparkling snowflakes, a special and rare Ice Rainbow appears around Crystalia.

The Ice Rainbow is a wonderful sight and it is a perfect circular rainbow bridge to the secret island called Glacia.

Here in Glacia live the magical Filly Ice Unicorns. They love to go ice skating on their enchanted frozen lake. As they glide gracefully across the ice, their skates leave behind magical trails of light while the sun reflects from the crystals in their crowns and their horns glow in the most amazing colours.

The Filly Unicorns from Crystalia use the Ice Rainbow to go and visit their friends in Glacia - and the Filly Ice Unicorns have been expecting them! When they meet, they touch their horns together, which both light up to symbolise the strong bond between them.

The Filly Ice Unicorns have practiced all year long and are now ready to show their wonderful ice dance - celebrating the everlasting friendship between the Filly Ice Unicorns and the Filly Unicorns.

Residents appearing in Filly FuntasiaEdit

Rose lives on the island of Amoria.

The principal of the Royal Magic Academy, Princess Sparkle, presently lives on the island of Iridia.

Ashia is a teacher at the Royal Magic Academy.


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