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Crystals are a key part of the plot in the Filly Funtasia series. The main antagonist, Wranglum, seeks crystals to help him free himself and destroy Funtasia.

Crystal accessories

Students at the Royal Magic Academy are each given a crystal mirror, a mirror with a crystal inside that helps them to control their magic. All Fillies also have a magical crystal in their crowns.

Rare Power Crystals

The term Rare Power Crystal (RPC for short) is first used in The Lost Mermaid. It appears to refer to the rarer and more powerful crystals in Funtasia, such as those Principal Sparkle has in a locked cabinet in her office. In Teacher for a Day, she is holding a staff meeting to discuss the treatment of a newly-discovered crystal.

Crystals so far

Crystal Image Episode title Information
Blue Crystal
The Blue Rainbow Forms in a blue rainbow once every 300 years. Sparkle teaches Zack a special spell to remove it from the rainbow.
Energy transfer
Wranglum in Disguise Wranglum uses this crystal to temporarily give himself a new body.
Transmutation crystal
The Evil Garden Changes something to its opposite form, e.g. big to small.
Purple crystal
The Evil Garden Used by Wranglum to create evil plants (first) and by Will (with help from Rose) to change the plant's height (later).
Bijou on the Loose Found by Battiwigs in the academy's fountain.
Black crystal
The Magical Maze Used by Wranglum to create dark illusions in the Magic Maze.
Dark red crystal
The Magical Maze Used by Wranglum to summon Grounders in the Magic Maze.
Unnamed green crystal
Teacher for a Day Sparkle calls a meeting with academy staff to discuss this crystal's treatment.
Teleportation crystal
Hide and Seek Florian teaches his class how to use these crystals. Wranglum uses one to temporarily escape his prison.
Sea Green crystal
The Lost Mermaid Aquatica's protection crystal. Rose activates it, causing it to shoot out laser-like beams. Glitterina uses it to restore the Lake of Dreams.
Star Crystal
The Star Crystal, A Visit from Fairy Land Has the power of the stars. It grants flight magic and is also seen to summon a magic tornado that scatters a group of enemies. Was also to help create potion for fairy dust in the potion class with Ashia and bring magic back to Fairy Fillies.
Dark Crystal
Farina, the Fire Dragon, The Freshmen, Battle of The Dark Crystal Created by Lily, one of Rose's ancestors, when she suffered from unrequited love. It is described as the most dangerous crystal. After the tragic events of the battle, it was stored in the cave with crystals away from The Academy, then taken by Sparkle and Rose and finally given to Centauri to protect the fillys from possible dangers.
Mega Red Power Crystal
Farina, the Fire Dragon Used to seal a volcano. A shard from this crystal is in Rose's crown.
Rainbow Crystal
Rainbow Crystal TF.png
The Freshmen, Battle of The Dark Crystal Makes rainbow bridges or someone or something rainbowy. Was stored in the cave of crystals afar from The Academy, along with Dark Crystal. Helped Rose to return to the teachers and friends and was later used by Sparkle to help escape her and Rose from Wranglum.