Dash 1
Picture use permitted by Spooky of My-Filly-Horses.
Species Unicorn
Gender Male
Home Glacia
First appearance Filly Ice Unicorn toy line

Dash is a male Unicorn Filly, who is one of several contenders to the claim of skating faster on the ice than any other Filly. He practices a lot, and he dreams about taking part in big speed-skating tournaments. He is also noted for having the most colorful crown crystal out of Glacia's thirteen Fillys.

Fillies from Iridia
Dash, Fortuna, Miracle (unicorn), Princess Sparkle, Queen Nieva, Varita
Fillies from Glacia
Alex, Amanda (unicorn), Carina, Dash, Felicity, Isis, Miracle (unicorn), Nox, Queen Nieva, Rania, Stella, Tiara, Twizzle
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