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Denmark is a nation where the Jutland horse is the national horse. It has big farms and snowy winters[1]. It is also referred to as the Cold North, though that term also includes the home of an Icelandic horse.

In Filly material

Thor lives at a big farm in Denmark where he pulls carriages. His species are renowned for their carriage-pulling abilities too, but not so much as they are known for eating wildly when they have time off from work.

Snowball was from northern Africa, but moved to Denmark when he was very young. He loves to play when the winter snow falls.

In real-life Filly

The toy maker company Dracco was started in Denmark in 1996. While they moved their business center to Hong Kong in 2000, meaning they had long since established themselves there when they created Filly, a whole lot of its workers and leaders remains Danish to this day.

MyFilly have a Lang-DK.png Danish version, covering Filly Princess, Filly Fairy, Filly Unicorn and recently also Filly Butterfly.


  1. Scandinavian people have other things to say on the matter, as real-life Denmark has snow two weeks a year. If you're lucky.