Species Pinto horse
Gender Male
Home Texas
First appearance Filly Forest toy line
Other names Lety Lang-IT

Dingo is a male Pinto horse, with a reputation for being very fast. He has various connections to the Apache areas.

In the first-release canon, he works with herding the cattle at a ranch in Texas, acting like a true cowboy horse. He is nothing short of the fastest horse on the prairie, and his ancestry is thought of as including the favorite horse of Geronimo, the well-known Apache chief.

In the restructuring canon, he races through the Filly Forest's green grass, often racing against Justin, and is the fastest Filly there is. His ancestry is thought of as including a famous Apache horse and was gallopping through the western prairies.

In all the known descriptions (of english, german, norwegian languages), this filly is called 'Dingo'.

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