Duke Linard
Duke Linard
Species Princess
Gender Male
Home Castle of Taliesin
First appearance Filly Princess toy line
Title Duke
Duc Lang-FR
Duque Lang-ES
Grev Lang-DK
Herceg Lang-HU
Hertig Lang-SE
Hertug Lang-NO
Herzog Lang-DE
Książę Lang-PL
Vévoda Lang-CZ
Герцог Lang-RU
Other names Philip Lang-HU
Линард Lang-RU
Spouse Duchess Romantica
Children Lady Lori
Countess Magica
Countess Melody
Parent/s Sulta Admin
Snow Queen
Sibling/s Prince Valentin
Princess Amira
Grandparents Emperor Karus
Empress Diva
Other relatives Cedric (cousin)
King Ekaros (uncle)
Princess Jade (cousin)
Princess Pretty (cousin)
Queen Leonarda (aunt)

Duke Linard is a male Princess Filly, who have been on several travels across the sea to Britain, and in one of them, he met his great love Duchess Romantica, whom he quickly convinced to follow him back home to the Filly Kingdom. To this day, the relationship is still going strong, and he still have a very soft spot for Britain.


From the comic's story

Fillies from Castle of Taliesin
Countess Magica, Countess Melody, Duchess Romantica, Duke Linard, Lady Lori
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