Species Angel
Gender Female
Home House of Friendship
First appearance Filly magazine

For the Unicorn Filly, see Elena (Unicorn).

As she has both a horn and wings, she looks like the Star Fillies, but the magazine called her an "Angel Unicorn" Filly instead. The patters on her horn aren't common for horns of Unicorns.

The magazine tells us several details about her:

  • Family: Emerald
  • Determination: Angel of Understanding
  • Hobby: She likes to read old books to learn all about the history of the Fillies.[1]
  • Magical Talent: Elena can read minds and always knows what the Fillies are looking for. [2]


  1. Original text: "Hobby: Sie liest gerne alte Bücher, urn alles über die Geschichte der Fillys zu erfahren."
  2. Original text: "Magisches Talent: Elena kann Gedanken lesen und weiß so immer, was die Fillys sich gerade wunschen."
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