Elves (full name Filly Elves) are a race of Filly that inhabits Emocia, placed in the center of Filly Kingdom.

Racial Traits

Elven Fillies have distinct, pointy ears (akin to the ones of human elves). All of them also wear crowns adorned with wings. Their magic abilities are mostly connected to feelings and emotions, divided into five groups symbolized by five colours of Mood River that springs from Emocia.

The colours and respective feelings are as follow:

  • Love - pink heart
  • Beauty - purple butterfly
  • Luck - green flower
  • Happiness - ellow crown
  • Pranking - blue star

Each Elf Filly has one of these as their 'element' and exhibits traits related to it.

Notable Fillies

Princess Jewel - Ruler of Emocia that lives in the Magic Tree Palace

Isabella - One of main characters in the show.

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