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First appearance Filly Fairy toy line, Filly Funtasia (I Dare You)
Species Fairy
Gender Male
Title Принц Lang-RU.png
Other names Элвин Lang-RU.png
Home Yellow Bellflower
Sibling/s Alerta
Parent/s Oberon
Other relatives Bree (nephew)
Divitio (uncle)
Echo (niece)
Luthia (aunt)
Pando (cousin)
Pixie (niece)
Twilight (sister-in-law)
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In Filly Fairy

This text was taken from Filly Sammelband and translated from German automatically


  • Eye color: Violet
  • Coat color: Purple with white spots
  • Occupation: Prince
  • Place of residence: Yellow bluebell field
  • Special feature: In the greatest hustle and bustle, he remains the peace itself and can support his friends and family with words and deeds
  • Favourite motto: First the peace, then the deed - because you have much more strength then
  • Family and friends: Prince Elvin can hardly keep up with his wild siblings. He prefers to orient himself to his quiet parents
  • His long lunch breaks: Prince Elvin lies down in his hanging mat right after breakfast. You have to rest firs, after all.
  • He likes that: Elvin is a very balanced Filly. That's why he prefers to doze off all day long. Often he just looks into the air and hangs on to his daydreams, where he experiences great adventures.

In Filly Funtasia

Just like Theada, he appears for mere seconds in I Dare You episode, when the land of fairys suffers through tornado.

In Filly Fairy collection guide

Elvin has the same exact name as in the final version of list of characters.

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