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First appearance Filly magazine
Species Angel
Gender Female
Title Prinzessin Lang-DE.png
Home House of Beauty

As she has both a horn and wings, she looks like the Star Fillies, but the magazine called her an "Angel Unicorn" Filly instead.

Her horn has patterns Unicorn fillys don't have. Instead, they are Stars like.

The magazine tells us several details about her:

  • Family: Topaz
  • Determination: Angel of Courage
  • Hobby: She can balance on her magic horn.[1]
  • Magical Talent: She has a magic wand. It can undo mistakes. So no filly has to feel bad about a mishap. [2]



  1. Original text: "Hobby: Sie kann auf ihrem magischen Horn balancieren."
  2. Original text: "Magisches Talent: Sie hat einen Zauberstab. Damit kann sie Fehler ungeschehen machen. So muss sich kein Filly wegen eines Missgeschicks schlecht fühlen."
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