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Native Filly type Elf
Subregions Magic Bella Villa
Magic Boat House
Magic Flower House
Magic Tree House
Magical Tree Palace
Mystic Tree House
Other names Эмоция (Emotion) Lang-RU.png

Emocia is the home of the standard Elf Fillies, and is located in the center of the Filly Kingdom, at the bottom of a grassy valley. It is in essence a really big tree, hosting six houses on top. Emocia was founded by Princess Jewel, and she still resides in the Magical Tree Palace; however, the leadership of Emocia has since been transferred to Amor and Amanda, who are the heads of the Loving Elves.

Despite the six houses on top of the tree, the residences of most of the Elf households are said to be at the end of the Rivers of Moods, many of them vaguely observable in the Story book of the Elf Fillies.

Geographic features include a thorough water flow system, starting at a fountain in the Magical Tree Palace, flushes down the Rainbow Waterfall into the Lake of Emotions. From the Lake of Emotions, five primary outflows, the Rivers of Moods, run out from it, and in each of the five rivers, the water has a sharply different color. Fauna includes a large population of many bird species, while waterlilies are a very major part of the flora, on occasions holding crystals inside them.

Major pastimes include sailing along the rivers, which especially the Magic Boat House's Fillies are found of doing. The Special River Filly Dance is practiced for the purposes of an annual dance competition hosted by Princess Jewel.

Filly Funtasia names this kingdom in The Freshmen.

Residents of Emocia
AmandaAmorBasilBellaBlossomCherryFelixFlorianLily (Elf)MadelineMirabellaOliviaPatrickPrincess JewelRonjaSallySibylSkipTrixieWikaXanderZephyra