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Filly Funtasia Season 1

Filly Funtasia has so far aired in multiple different countries. None of these countries aired the show in the English language, but there are currently a few streaming services that currently display the English versions of episodes 10, 11, and 13.

Some countries the show has aired in kept the episodes' English language titles. China split this season in half, both halves becoming their first 2 seasons, with each episode changed into two-parters. Episodes 1-13 appeared on iQiyi November 28, 2019 as the Chinese first season of the show, and 14-26 appeared on iQiyi December 25, 2020 as China's second season.

Some countries aired the episodes in different order. The international episode order is shown below.

Episode Short synopsis
1 The Cupcake Mystery Bella and Rose learn that a little lie can get out of hoof.
2 The Blue Rainbow Rose finds herself torn between responsibilities when she's asked to look after a new student on the same day she's offered to help Zack find a blue crystal.
3 Wranglum in Disguise Wranglum takes his chance to take a different form for a day in his efforts to steal Principal Sparkle's crystals.
4 Alone at Last After getting fed up with Rose's attempts to be her friend, Lynn goes to find some peace and quiet in the woods. However, there's a storm brewing, and now Lynn's just one Filly alone in the woods...
5 The Evil Garden Rose and her class are tasked with managing a new garden, but, with Battiwigs' help, Wranglum decides to interfere.
6 Dream of Doom Cedric has a nightmare involving Rose and, believing it to be a premonition, gets increasingly obsessed with her safety.
7 Bijou on the Loose Wranglum's newest plot is foiled when Battiwigs loses a magical crystal to Bijou the owl.
8 The Magical Maze Rose, Lynn, Will, and Fabian venture into the Magic Maze, and Wranglum sees this as an opportunity to attack them.
9 Teacher for a Day After teachers get fed up of his pranks, Will is made teacher for a day, but quickly finds it's not as easy as he expects. Meanwhile, Battiwigs is after a new crystal for Wranglum, but it's locked in Principal Sparkle's office...
10 Hide and Seek After learning to use teleportation crystals in Florian's class, Lynn and Will steal one, leading to trouble that requires the help of their friends.
11 The Lost Mermaid Rose, Bella and Will learn about Mermaid Fillies and decide to reclaim their missing crystal for them.
12 The Star Crystal After seeing a new crystal land in the forest during astronomy class, Rose, Lynn, Cedric, and Zack sneak out at night to retrieve it before Wranglum.
13 Farina, the Fire Dragon Principal Sparkle sends Rose and her friends on a mission to befriend a fire-breathing dragon before the volcano erupts!
14 The Freshmen Rose, Will, Cedric, Bella and Lynn arrive to Funtasia to spend their first day full of fun and challenges while trying to find the way to The Academy.
15 The Treasure Hunt
16 Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near
17 Art of Magic
18 A Royal Wedding
19 The Hoopenhoof Game
20 A Magical Lesson
21 The Spring Ball
22 A Visit from Fairy Land
23 Funtasia Festival
24 I Dare You
25 The Haunted Library
26 Battle of The Dark Crystal

Episodes 18-23 aired in a different order in China, with the episode order being: The Spring Ball, Funtasia Festival, The Hoopenhoof Game, A Visit From Fairy Land, A Royal Wedding, A Magical Lesson.

It is currently unknown if any of the episodes are renames of Witchy Way Up or Where There's a Will.

There were a few other episodes planned for the show that include The Crush, The Competition, and Flight & Magic Contest. There were also 2 specials planned for the show: Filly Stars and Filly Butterfly. It is unknown if any of these will be produced.

Short videos

There are multiple short videos uploaded on the show's official pages from Chinese video sites in addition to clips from episodes. Most of these shorts are educational and involve characters teaching something to one another.

Title Summary
Why do little bees collect nectar? (original: 小蜜蜂为什么要采蜜?[1]) Rose teaches Will about how bees make honey. (50 seconds length, Chinese only)
Hoopenhoof game competition (original: 金蹄杯足球大赛 [2]) Rose is commenting on the ongoing match of Hoopenhoof but gets bored eventually, just like the viewers (43 seconds length, Chinese only)
Tokyo Olympics English language lesson (original: 东京奥运英语科普~ [3]) Cedric is reading English words of sports terms and asking Will how some of those would sound like (49 seconds length, mostly in Chinese)
English lesson for National Day of Fitness (original: 全民健身日 运动项目英语 [4]) Cedric is showing Will a few of types of sports training while trying to teach him words in English language (45 seconds, almost entirely in Chinese)
How do storms come about? (original: 暴风雨怎么形成的?[5]) Rose teaches Will about how storms are made whilst outdoors in the middle of one. (37 seconds length, Chinese only)
Why is spider's silk sticky? (original: 蜘蛛丝为什么有粘性?[6]) Will is taught how spider's silk is sticky when he along with Rose, Lynn and Bella are caught in a giant spider's web. (44 seconds length, Chinese only)
Why do bats sleep upside down? (original: 蝙蝠为什么倒挂着睡觉?[7]) When playing hide and seek with Lynn, Bella tells Will why bats sleep upside down. (51 seconds length, Chinese only)
Why do we sleep, children? (original: 小朋友,我们为什么要睡觉?[8]) Fabian tells Will about sleep. (51 seconds length, Chinese only)
Happy Teacher's Day Cedric suggests Will to ask Twilight to answer his question so students could express gratitude. (28 seconds length, mostly in Chinese)

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