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Voiced by Baráth István Lang-HU.png Santiago Leal Lang-VE.png

עמית יוסוביץ' Lang-HE.png

First appearance The Blue Rainbow
Species Royale
Gender Male
Other names פביאן Lang-HE.png
Home Unknown
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Fabian is a Filly in the many of the same classes as the main characters and features prominently in several episodes.

Fabian's main passion is geology. He is often seen licking rocks to identify the mineral content. Although the second episode (The Blue Rainbow) shows us him as a new student, by the time the series reaches the eighth episode (The Magic Maze), the whole class groans to hear him getting excited about rocks.

Although extremely clumsy during his first appearance, he seems to have lost this trait later on (perhaps indicating that it was nerves causing his clumsiness).

Fabian has a green notebook with both glasses and a bow tie like his own on the front cover.


  • He was named by BRB Internacional's YouTube channel in the exclusive Funtasia Daily teaser. Prior to this, his fan-names had included Brainy on Funtasia Daily (after Brainy Smurf) and "Elio" on Fillychan (after the then-Prime Minister of Belgium Elio di Rupo, said to be well-known for his red bowtie and glasses).
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