Filly Wiki
First appearance Filly Fairy toy line
Species Fairy
Gender Female
Other names Фэй Lang-RU.png
Home Pink Bellflower
Sibling/s Will
Parent/s Fawn
Other relatives Melian (aunt)
Puk (cousin)
Thori (uncle)
Zoeda (cousin)

Faye is a female Fairy Filly, and Will's sister, who is a very quiet horse who really likes reading poetry as well as writing it. On occasions, she does it often enough that her normal speech is spoken out as verses.

Her profile

This text was taken from Filly Sammelband and translated from German automatically


  • Poetess
  • Eye colour: green
  • Coat colour: Brown-white with spots
  • Occupation: Poetess
  • Place of residence: Pink Bellflower Meadow
  • Special trait: She knows the most beautiful and exciting bedtime stories.
  • Favourite motto: With my adventure stories, I can tell about distant countries.
  • Family and friends: Poet Faye often gets new ideas from her father, Fawn, with whom she often makes up wild stories. But she also loves her brother Willow more than anything!
  • Her exciting stories: Faye owns a book in which she writes down her 100 most exciting stories. She often reads it to the Fillys with pleasure.

Filly Fairy collection guide

The sheet features no changes for her name.