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Before the Star Fillies, there were a select few Fillys that had the distinctions of having both a set of wings and a distinct horn, and no two of those Fillys had them for the same reasons. Being in this situation is known by many names, including:

  • Angelcorn. Made for one of this page's subjects who appeared in the April 2014 trailer, when his similarity to various angel fillies were noted.
  • Pegacornius. The character card for Mani described him as this.
  • Alicorn. A large amount of the early fandom derived from that of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so when the earlier two terms were unknown to them, they had a term ready for use.

However, this is not an end of this story since after 'Filly Angels' was released as a toy line, some characters of the series who have these traits were introduced as well.

List of Fillies

Magic, the leader of the Fairy Fillies. He manages to be both the Fairy King and a real unicorn, and some say, that his horn contains the most powerful magic... in the universe.

The Golden Wings set of Fairy Fillies.

Mani is a Filly from Filly Beach Party with a black coat-colored horn and green pegasus wings. His toy card lists him as a pegacornius, and he is the only known proto-Filly to have a horn, and one of only three (Cheerful and Zofus being the others) to have wings. He is however not considered especially unusual by his brand considering all of this, apart from a considerably longer bio card than what was the norm in Filly Beach Party.

Miss Magic is part of a special set of four Fairy Fillies with golden wings, of which Magic is also a part.

Zack sports white, feathery pegasus wings, and an opal-blue horn, as a Star Filly. As he was first seen in the April 2014 trailer of Filly Funtasia, and as his focus on a crystal made him perfectly comparable to the Angel Filly Rafael, he is currently still on this list by virtue of having been of importance to this page's type of Fillies for a long time previously.

Characters added after the release of 'Stars'

Tiana is an Angel Filly who has a horn. You can see gems in her wings' feathers. She has a first appearance in the 'Filly Magazine'. She's an angel of talents, and her group is 'Sapphire'.

Paula - an angel filly of Tanzanite group, she's helping the others to have joy. She does have a talent for music and she is playing on trumpet.

Irisa is an angel of hearts, she can talk to plants and animals.

Elena of Emerald group, her talent is understanding, she loves the history of fillys.

Emilia - an angel of courage. She balances on her horn and has a wand to make mistakes disappear to bring joy to the other fillys.

Paula, an angel filly who also has a horn