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Filly Angels
Release date 2018
No. of toys 21 (First set)
34 (Total known, new angels)
3 (Old angels)
Filly type Angel Fillies
Preceded by Filly Ballerina

This toy line confirmed the bird-winged Fillies without horns as being Angel Fillies. Prior to this, they had only appeared as exclusives.

The toy line brings a new ideas to the world of the characters such as fillys receiving letters from kids and making the dreams of children come true.

The line introduced a new location for the world of Filly called Paradisia.

A prevalent number of merchandise for this toy line is produced by Goliath.

The visual style of the illustrations is the one that is brought by 'Filly Ballerina' toy line however, sometimes the characters are drawn in the old style either in lines or colors, or both at the same time (this detail is true for the images of the magazines).

Filly Angels editions

Super glitter edition

Filly Angels Super Glitter edition ('Unbox fun' packs)
Release date 2019 (6th issue of the magazine)
No. of toys 10
Filly type Angels

Every filly receives shiny wings.

The characters of this edition:

Sophia, Von, Lauren, Zuri, Katelyn, Aviana, Annalee, Carmina, Allegra, Mathilde.

Every toy can be found in the foil bags under the title 'Unbox fun'.

Crazy glitter edition

Filly Angels Crazy Glitter
Filly Angels CG logo medium BO.png
Release date 2019 (8th issue of the magazine)
No. of toys 5
Filly type Angels

A limited set of the fillys, each figurine is inside the individual pack.

Every toy has sparkling, shiny hair.

Angels of this edition: Bella, Zuri, Angelina, Aaron, Liam, Lola.

Unbox fun: Crazy glitter edition

Filly Angels: Unbox fun, Crazy Glitter
Release date 2020 (8th issue of the magazine, August)
No. of toys 6
Filly type Angels

This edition features six new fillys. Three of them have sparkling wings while the rest is similar to the first editions.

One trait is shared by all the characters: shiny hair.

Alike to Unbox Fun edition, the foil bag package presents surprise toys which is one filly, 4 accessories (out of 27) per pack, 1 flyer, 1 bag for the letters.

The illustration is different, a character of Elaine and a photo of Pinky's toy form can be seen there. The flyer is a poster where all the new angels gather together for one picture.

Special edition 'Filly Angels': Zuri, Bella; Blue Ocean Entertainment's site image

Other merchandise

  • 'Filly Angels' advent calendar;
  • 'Filly Angels Super Size Surprise' - plastic spheres with ten toys to collect (a part of the 'Unbox fun' series);
  • 'Filly Angels cloudbag' - as the name suggests, this set features one filly figurine, one plastic bag of two different colors (pink and teal) and a set of stickers (rainbow colored letters of 'Filly' logotype, flowers, one heart and a pair of angel's wings). Each Filly Angel has glittering wings, it means the toys presented there are of the first edition of 'Angels'. A bag can be decorated with the stickers.
  • 'Filly Angels 2er pack' - comes with two filly angels toys, four colorful sheet for the letters, one bag and one set of stickers (with the same patterns).
  • 'Filly Angels Tea Time' - is a play set which includes one filly toy, and various items.
  • 'Filly Angels Acetate Sammelpferdchen' - a figurine of a filly in a cube like package and a mini poster.

Note: every filly has a bag for the letters kids are supposed to use writing their wishes on.

'Original Filly' seal of quality (as seen in the promos).

In other languages

The ukrainian distributor 'Kiddisvit' named this toy line as Филли Ангелочки (translates back to english as 'The little angel fillys').

Group names
Filly Angels
Main set AaronAliciaAllegraAmor (Angel)Angelina (special) • AnnaleeAvianaBella (Angel)CarminaChristianElena (Angel)EmiliaEvelynGigiGraceIrisaKatelynLaurenLiamLolaMathildePaulaSophiaTianaVonZuri
Crazy Glitter exclusives AnnaCindyElaineJocelynPinkyWhite (Angel)
Old angels Christine (Elves line) • Christmas Angel (Fairy line) • Rafael (Special Figure) (Fairy line)