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Filly Butterfly
Release date 2014
No. of toys 21 (main set)
47 (total known)
Filly type Butterfly

Filly Butterfly was announced in January 2014 and was released the following spring. It was pushed by a MyFilly Twitter page that was specifically made for the toy brand release, and has been given new families and smaller sets throughout 2014, much how the Filly Witchy toy line got such things in 2013.

One of the still unreleased Filly Funtasia specials is based on this toy line and its characters.

Another logotype of the toy line (used on the package for figurines).

Alternative logo (from a poster).


  • The Glitter Edition had one exclusive family but mostly used existing characters.
  • The Filly Wedding toy line has added Butterfly characters in the Dream Wedding expansion.

Other merchandise

  • Magazines
  • 2014 Filly advent calendar

In other languages

  • Russian: Филли-бабочки (an official translation of the distribution - Unitoys);
  • French: the flyer calls this toy line 'Papillons Filly';

Group names
Filly Butterfly
Main set AlyssaBeaEmmaEurissaFreyaJackLotusMaxMomoNinaPrincess Scarlet (special) • RhettSaraSazSplashSummerSunTiaTobyValentinaVictoria
Standard merch Fillys Amy (magazine) • Anastacia (magazine) • Emily (magazine) • Rain (magazine)
Glitter Edition Averie (magazine) • BlazeLizPuzzleShadowTaylor
2014 advent calendar ChrisFrostJuliaLucia
Filly Rainbow Butterfly
Erika (magazine) • Jana (magazine) • Marian (magazine) • Nika (magazine)