Filly Fairy
Release date 2009
2013 (Silver)
No. of toys 21
Filly type Fairy
Preceded by Filly Princess
Followed by Filly Unicorn

Introduced Fairy Fillies. This toy set features Fillies with glow-in-the-dark wings. In 2013 the Silver Edition was released, which featured the same Fillies but with silver jewellery and wings.

Story Edit

Deep within the dense forest of the Filly Kingdom is the Magical Land where the Filly Fairies live. No one knows its exact location because the Filly Fairies prefer to keep this a secret, so you can only get there if a fairy tells you the way.

Once you know which way to go, you can quickly find your way to the clearing in the forest where the Filly Fairies live. They mostly live in bellflowers and magical palaces.

The Filly Fairy queen and her family live in an astonishing palace at the edge of the Magical Land and during a full moon they have an amazing and magical ball at the Palace where all the Filly Fairies come and dance until the moon goes down.

You are also invited, so hurry! Find a Fairy and get the secret directions! The ball is about to start!

Other editionsEdit

Filly Ice Fairy
Filly Fairy 2
Release date February 2011
No. of toys 7
Filly type Fairy

Filly Ice Fairy was a set starring skating Fairy Fillies. Introduced 7 new characters.

  • Eiszauber magazine issue: Added 2 characters.

Other releasesEdit

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