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Filly Forest
Release date 2007
No. of toys 20
Filly type Proto-Fillies of the Filly Forest
Followed by Filly Beach Party

Filly Forest was the first series of Filly toys (although 2006, when "Filly" was first created, saw the release of some simple game figures for the brand).

The same filly characters were also released as baby mini fillys; moreover, some received plush toy versions (ordinary and with keychain clips).

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Merchandise seen in a TV commercial

It has two distinct settings that seldom go along with the other. One bases the Fillys on real horses that are pictured on the bio cards, the other has the 20 Fillys use the Filly Forest (location) as a meetup place to tell tales.

In Czech Republic, this line is known as Lesní Filly (The filly/fillys of the forest).

Courtcase allegations

A long-standing story about the Filly franchise says that they were initially strongly based on bought My Little Pony G3 molds, that Simba were sued by Hasbro for similarity and lost, and had to dramatically retool Filly, which lead to the different shapes and the pegging to real horses seen in Filly Forest.

However, signs to the contrary has been found. Dracco is named as the founder of Filly, while the above story was under the assumption that Simba was the founders. Records in Dutch court archives tells that Simba were sued in 2007 over some different toy lines, particularly Little Fairy Pony or Little Fairy & Pony (the court summary couldn't agree with themselves there). Just to add insult to injury, Simba got sued again in January 2013 for pretty much the same thing and lost. Filly started in 2006, released new sub-brands annually from the following year on, and there's no signs of major interruptions to the Filly franchise.

First 'Filly Forest' logo, green colored

Filly Forest