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Filly Funtasia is an animated sitcom series, based on the long-lasting Filly brand. The plot follows Rose, Bella, Lynn, Cedric, and Will's experiences and adventures while attending the Royal Magic Academy.


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Differences from toysEdit

Cedric Point, Fillycornia

Clockwise from upper left: Cedric in Filly Funtasia, Strawberry, Elvin, Cedric from a picture in the Downloads section on MyFilly, and the original release of Prince Cedric's toy.

Two of the main characters' names were changed from their earlier and contemporary merchandise appearances. Isabella was changed to Bella, and Willow adopted the nickname of Will. Cedric also resembles Strawberry and Elvin considerably more than his own toy design.

Series creationEdit

Although Filly Funtasia was made in English, its creation was helped by various groups around the world, including the company BRB Internacional (Spain) and the animation studio Black Dragon Entertainment (Beijing). Despite Filly's massive popularity in German-speaking countries, no German parties are currently known to be involved in the production.

The show was originally announced to be released in 2014, but suffered years of (largely unexplained) delays before finally being released in early 2019.


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