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Filly Funtasia -  is an animated comedy (the official sources named the show's genre being 'a sitcom' or a family comedy)  series, based on the long-lasting Filly brand. The plot follows Rose, Bella, Lynn, Cedric, and Will's experiences and adventures while attending the Royal Magic Academy.


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Season 1


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Chinese logotype of the show (the long title)

Country Channel Premiere date
Lang-IT Italy Frisbee


March 11, 2019
Lang-UA Ukraine PlusPlus November 30, 2019
Lang-ZH China (Mandarin) iQiyi
Hunan TV
November 28, 2019
January 20, 2020
Lang-HU Hungary Minimax September 05, 2020
Language-ro Romania Minimax September 07, 2020
Lang-CZ Czech Republic Minimax September 16, 2020
Language-sr Serbia Minimax October 03, 2020
Lang-Slv Slovenia Minimax October 03, 2020
Slovakia Minimax Unknown
Croatia Minimax Unknown
Bosnia and Herzegovina Minimax Unknown
Montenegro Minimax Unknown
Kosovo Minimax Unknown
Macedonia Minimax Unknown
Moldova Minimax Unknown


Name Release date Reached public through Language
First English trailer October 15, 2013 YouTube[2] English
Second English trailer November, 2013 WorldScreen English
Third English trailer April 11, 2014 (original reel) Twitter


Fourth English trailer October 13, 2014 Funtasia Daily English
Magical World October 6, 2015 MyFilly YouTube channel English
Wishes You Happy Holidays December 10, 2015 MyFilly YouTube channel English
Sixth English trailer March 8, 2018 Vimeo English
Italian TV Spot March, 2019 Frisbee Italian

Seventh English trailer

September 12, 2019 Vimeo


Ukrainian trailers November 30, 2019
January 3, 2020
PlusPlus' Facebook Ukrainian
Chinese trailers

November 25, 2019,
January 03, 2020

Official 'Filly Funtasia' Weibo, bilibili, Ixigua accounts Chinese
Eighth English trailer April 7, 2020 Vimeo English
Hungarian promo September 2, 2020 Official youtube channel of Minimax Hungarian
Romanian promo September 2, 2020 Official youtube channel of Minimax Romanian
Czech promo September 2, 2020 Official youtube channel of Minimax Czech
Serbian promo September 2, 2020 Official youtube channel of Minimax Serbian
Slovenian promo September 2, 2020 Official youtube channel of Minimax Slovenian

Series information

Although Filly Funtasia was made in English, its creation was helped by various groups around the world, including the company BRB Internacional (Spain) and the animation studio Black Dragon Entertainment (Beijing). Despite Filly's massive popularity in German-speaking countries, no German parties are currently known to be involved in the production.

The show was originally announced to be released in 2014, but suffered years of (largely unexplained) delays before finally being released in early 2019.

'Filly Funtasia' was going to have two special episodes centered around the stories based on 'Filly Butterfly' and 'Filly Stars' canon but after BRB Internacional and Screen 21 quit working on the development and distribution of the show, there was no word on the current state of the specials. The specials would be of 75 minutes long each and would feature characters who are exclusive to each of the toy lines, including Zodia and Alyssa. The only existing information about these episodes can be found on the pitch bible's pages.


Spanish logline of the show

The show had its own dedicated site created in 2013. However, it was taken down early 2019. All the information available on it before its removal was taken from a pitch bible for the show.

The site had descriptions and images of the show, including concept art pictures. Some of the images could be misplaced between the episodes and the early titles of several episodes of the show could be seen on the site, such as 'Liar, liar, prance on fire', 'The missing student' and 'Wranglum goes fillying'.

B-water is the animation studios that would later take the show for its projects, being working on scripts, storyboards, designs, animation supervising and post supervising of  'Filly Funtasia'. They helped to finish the episodes Studio 21 started to work on in the past. One of the trailers uploaded on their Vimeo channel has a scene not known to appear in any of the existing episodes. Another new company to currently work on the show is Guangzhou Huamai Animation Studios.

Imira Entertainment is the new distributor of the show. This company signed the deals of creating hungarian, romanian, czech, serbian and slovenian versions of Filly Funtasia which are expected to become a part of AMC TV channel's airings, Minimax.

Alternate titles

  • Ukraine: Філлі Фантазія: Академія чарів (Filly Fantasy: The Academy of magic).
    • A russian translation of the title can be found on the site of PlusPlus, when switching to the russian language page. It's simply called Филли Фантазия (Filly Fantasy), with The academy of magic part being absent from the title, with the reason for this being unknown.
  • China: 小马菲莉之缤纷仙境 and a shorter name, 小马菲莉 (with its meaning being close to Little filly: colorful wonderland or alternatively, Little filly).
  • Hungary: Filly Fantázia;
  • Czech Republic: Poníci z Fantazie;
  • Serbia: Ždrebići u Fantaziji;
  • Slovenia: Fillyji iz Funtazije;
  • Romanian title doesn't have any changes from the original name of the show so far, despite featuring a typo on the official site (Filly Fintasia);

The series' ukrainian description

From the site:

The official section of PlusPlus' site has a description for the whole show. Here is a translation of some parts of its text:

'In the center of this story there is a little Filly who is telling her friend Rose a story about the magical Academy in the fairy tale kingdom. While they are busy at the magical school learning about their crystals' (this text uses the adjective 'crystal like' so the meaning of this part is unclear) magic, a trouble came. Wranglum who is a wizard of the Dark Crystal, has an intention to take all the magic of the kingdom. Cedric, Isabella, Lynn and Willow are the loyal friends who are coming to help. Will they be able to defend the world and themselves?'

The year: 2019

Genre: cartoon

Country of origin: Hong Kong, Spain, Denmark [4]

From 'PlusPlus' page on Facebook:

Description for the first video, 30.11.19:

'The little unicorn horse named Rose is attending Royal Academy of Fantasy's kingdom together with her friends, to learn how to control the crystal magic (?). Wranglum, the wizard of Dark Mirror who is dreaming to steal all the magic of the magical world, will become the main villain.' [5]

Russian version (from PlusPlus' site):

There's a russian translation as well and its text is the same as the one of ukrainian's version. [6]

The description from ETS licensing site

English version: 'Filly Funtasia tells the adventures of Rose and her friends at the Funtasia magic academy. The Fillys go to school and study crystalline powers, while Wranglum, the Wizard of the Dark Mirror, along with his servants Battiwigs, try to steal all the magic in the kingdom'.

Italian version: 'Filly Funtasia racconta le avventure di Rose e dei suoi amici all’accademia di magia di Funtasia. I Fillys vanno a scuola e studiano i poteri dei cristalli, mentre Wranglum, il Mago dello Specchio Oscuro, insieme ai suoi servi Battiwigs, cercano di rubare tutta la magia nel regno'.

This description mentions two formats of Filly Funtasia - 26 episodes of 22 minutes and 52 episodes of 11 minutes. It's saying the show is made for children of 5-10 years old, and of a most focus on girls. As the site and company are of an italian origin, the text is telling about 'Filly Funtasia' being broadcasted on Frisbee channel.

Imira Entertainment's  description

'At the royal Magical Academy of Funtasia anything is possible, and everything is fun, but danger is also lurking just around the corner. Rose and her filly friends soon realise that they’re new magic skills will come in very handy as peril is near'.

This text mentions the series would have twenty six episodes, each would be thirty minutes long. The genre is 'sitcom with adventure' and the information about possible audience's ages is known: the site says 'Filly Funtasia' is for kids of 4-7 years old.

From B-water studios' site

'Rose and her friends attend the Magic Royal Academy of Funtasia. The Wizard of the Dark Mirror and his comical minion Battwigs, try to steal all the magic in the kingdom. Despite their wacky attempts - At the end all the Fillys discover their unique and magical crystal powers in these coming of age stories'.

The series is described as one having 26 episodes, each episode is of 23 minutes long.

From the official pitch bible of the show

'The Filly animated series brings to life the charming adventures of Rose and her friends as they attend the Magical Royal Academy of Funtasia.

Wranglum, the powerful wizard imprisoned in a mirror eons ago, and his comical minion Battiwigs, try to steal all the magic in the kingdom and plan to spread evil in revenge - once the wizard can esccape the crystal prison, that is.

Despite their waky attempts, the Fillys enjoy every day school life, studying and discovering their unique, and magical crystal powers in this coming of age stories'.

The concept idea of Filly Funtasia:

'...' As our series begins, the magnificent Magical Rainbow Stone hidden on Funtasia is shattered  and scattered across all the vast Filly realms. Fortunately, each of our five (...) heroes already has one unique magic Rainbow Crystal in his or her Royal Crown, which will help guide them as they hunt for the missing crystals, while racing to retrieve them before the evil Wizard can'.

The text of this description may be outdated as it was written in the early days of this show's development.

Gallery of the promotional pictures


  1. It was originally listed to air in K2, which is somewhat more teen-oriented.
  2. The first major attention it got was from Equestria Daily, but it did not premiere there.
  3. The video is listed as being published more than a week earlier, but was unlisted, so the date refers to when the first link to the video was tweeted.
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  6. (In russian) 'Филли Фантазия - В центре сюжета находится маленькая Филли, что рассказывает своей подруге Роуз о магической академии в сказочном королевстве. В то время, когда они увлечены волшебной школой, где изучают свои хрустальные способности, произошла беда. Вранглум, волшебник Темного Зеркала, стремится захватить всю магию в королевстве. На помощь приходят верные друзья Седрик, Изабелла, Лин и Уиллоу. Удастся ли им защитить себя и весь мир?'" [3]
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