Filly Kingdom
Filly Kingdom
Native Filly type Princess
Structures Sunshine Meadow's Castle of Belisama
Imperial Mountain's Castle of Dagda
Sirens Rock's Castle of Sirona
Green Peak's Castle of Taliesin
Moon House's Castle of Teymon
Flower Mountain's Castle of Rhiannon
Other names Королевство Филли Lang-RU
The Filly Kingdom is an island in the Filly Oceans and the home of the Princess Fillies, encompassing 20 Fillys with various royal and lord-like titles, as well as 2 characters from Filly Wedding. Princess Crystal does not hold regular residence in the Kingdom, and Emperor Karus is considered the highest-ranked permanent citizen.

The Filly Kingdom is more or less divided into six parts, with a household and its castle residing over that area. Snow Queen and Sir Kuno are known to rule the north-east and south-east areas respectively.

The temperature allows for maintaining gardens and forests most of the year, and the area is familiar with frost and snow in the winter, as well as spring in general. It has no maintained ice rinks, so winter activities are largely snow- or indoor-related.

The Filly Royale toy line has many of the Filly Princess toy line's characters now living in Royalia. The same exact name is mentioned in the story of Filly Angels toy line.

Areas connected to Filly Kingdom

The Magical Land are stated to have its entrance at a secret location in the Filly Kingdom, while Emocia are stated to be located in the center of the Filly Kingdom. While both are somewhat feasible, there are a number of regions with no known ties to the Filly Kingdom, such as Crystalia and Papillia, and additionally, Papillia and Skylia makes clear references to the Filly World instead of the Filly Kingdom, which causes a bit of a sticky situation as to whether the Filly Kingdom is or was meant to encompass the entire Filly universe at any point.

Emocia's leadership system doesn't align well with the six regions of the Filly Kingdom, for one, although the fact that Princess Jewel founded Emocia, could make Emocia a breakaway region or a small administration area at a crucial area of the Filly Kingdom.

Residents of the Filly Kingdom
AminAmiraCedricDivaEkarosFlowerGloryJadeKarusKunoLeonardaLinardLoriMagicaMelodyPrettyRomanticaRowenaSnow QueenValentin
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