Filly Mermaids
Release date June 2012
No. of toys 11
Filly type Mermaid Fillies

Filly Mermaids is a wide-spanning toyline featuring Mermaid Fillies. It began in 2012 with the Pearl Edition, but new versions have been released annually each summer since then, running alongside those year's toy line main bills.

Filly Mermaids editionsEdit

Filly Mermaids Pearl Edition
Filly Mermaids 2
Release date June 2012
No. of toys 11
Filly type Mermaids of Aquatica

Filly Mermaids Pearl Edition is the first edition of Filly Mermaids, debuting in 2012 in magazines and toys. A key designator is that Princess Pearl uses a pearl in her crown.

  • Magazines: Added 2 exclusive Fillies.
  • Treasure Chest play set (including 1 exclusive Filly)
  • 2014 Italian release by Gedis Edicola: 6 exclusive Fillies.

Filly Mermaids Pink Pearl Edition
Filly Mermaids 4
Release date May 2013
No. of toys 11
Filly type Mermaids of Aquatica

Filly Mermaids Pink Edition is a magazine branding for 2013. All mainset characters from Pearl Edition has returned, but a key designator for this edition is that virtually every character wears a pink crown instead of a golden one. The corresponding toyline was titled Filly Mermaids Pink Pearl Edition, presumably to show the continuity ties to Pearl Edition from the year before.

Filly Mermaids Glitter Edition
Filly Mermaids 3
Release date Summer 2014
No. of toys 11
Filly type Mermaids of Coralia

Filly Mermaids Glitter Edition contained 11 brand new Mermaid Fillies, and a new land with sublocations. Its Fillys are often seen glittering, hence the name.

  • Magazines: Added 4 exclusive Fillies (including 2 Gold Mermaids).

Filly Mermaids Glitter Golden Edition
Release date Summer 2015
No. of toys 16 (unconfirmed)
Filly type Mermaid

Filly Mermaid Glitter Golden Edition contains Filly Mermaids with golden crowns, as was in the first version, but not in Pink or Glitter.

Group names
Filly Mermaids, 2012 and 2013 releases
Filly Mermaids Ariella * Carol * Fauna * Lorina * Marina * Merissa * Merrow * Nautilus * Neptune * Princess Pearl * Violet
Pearl exclusives Nerida (magazine) * Sirena (magazine)
Pink Pearl exclusives Anemonia * Aquarella * Nemo * Shelia (play set) * Venus
Group names
Filly Mermaids, Glitter sets
Filly Mermaids, Glitter and Glitter Golden editions Adriana * Andy * Calypso * Chelsea * Glitterina * Jenny * Martin * Memory * Musica * Suzy * Ziri
Glitter Edition exclusives Enya (magazine) * Eva (magazine) * Mariola (magazine) * Marlon (magazine) * Mia (magazine) * Rubina (magazine) * Shelly (magazine) * Tiffany (magazine) * Tom (magazine) * Vivian (magazine)
Group names
Filly Mermaids, Silver
Silver exclusives Jasper (magazine) * Michelle (magazine) * Silvia (magazine)
Group names
Filly Mermaids, misc sets
Super gloss Lana (magazine)
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