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Filly Mermaids
Release date June 2012
No. of toys 11 (First set)

69 (Total known)

Filly type Mermaid Fillies
Preceded by Filly Elves
Followed by Filly Witchy

Filly Mermaids is a wide-spanning toyline featuring Mermaid Fillies. It began in 2012 with the Pearl Edition, but new versions have been released annually each summer since then, running alongside those year's toy line main bills.

This toy line is also known as Филли Русалочка ('The little Filly Mermaid', the word 'mermaid' has a feminine form in this case) in its russian version. The earlier russian version's name for the line is Филли Русалки (no suffix).

Alternative logotype

The first official description of the toy line

(from 'Whatnot toys' site)

'The Filly Mermaid Story:
Near a sandy beach, just below the turquoise waves of the great Filly ocean is a world known as Aquatica. This is where you can find the beautiful Filly Mermaids. There are pearls that shine under the sunlight in all kinds of wonderful colors. You can find them everywhere; in the soft sand, between the mossy rocks and of course resting inside the wonderful shells that they come from.

Along the shore and in the warm and gentle water, you can hear the whispers of the Filly Mermaid’s laughter and song.
The Filly Mermaids all live together in the treasure castle with Princess Pearl, who watches over all of Aquatica'.

Filly Mermaids editions

Pearl Edition

Filly Mermaids Pearl Edition
Filly Mermaids 2.png
Release date June 2012
No. of toys 11
Filly type Mermaids of Aquatica

Filly Mermaids Pearl Edition is the first edition of Filly Mermaids, debuting in 2012 in magazines and toys. A key designator is that Princess Pearl uses a pearl in her crown.

  • Magazines: Added 2 exclusive Fillies.
  • Treasure Chest play set (including 1 exclusive Filly)
  • 2014 Italian release by Gedis Edicola: 6 exclusive Fillies.

Pink Edition

Filly Mermaids Pink Pearl Edition
Filly Mermaids 4.png
Release date May 2013
No. of toys 11
Filly type Mermaids of Aquatica

Filly Mermaids Pink Edition is a magazine branding for 2013. All mainset characters from Pearl Edition has returned, but a key designator for this edition is that virtually every character wears a pink crown instead of a golden one. The corresponding toyline was titled Filly Mermaids Pink Pearl Edition, presumably to show the continuity ties to Pearl Edition from the year before.

Glitter Edition

Filly Mermaids Glitter Edition
Release date Summer 2014
No. of toys 11
Filly type Mermaids of Coralia

Filly Mermaids Glitter Edition contained 11 brand new Mermaid Fillies, and a new land with sublocations. Its Fillys are often seen glittering, hence the name.

  • Magazines: Added 4 exclusive Fillies (including 2 Gold Mermaids).

Glitter Golden Edition

Filly Mermaids Glitter Golden Edition
Release date Summer 2015
No. of toys 16
Filly type Mermaid

Filly Mermaid Glitter Golden Edition contains Filly Mermaids with golden crowns, as was in the first version, but not in Pink or Glitter.

Russian version of  'Filly Magazine' calls them золотые русалочки (the name translates to english language as 'the golden little filly mermaids').

Super Glitter Edition

Filly Mermaids Super Glitter Edition
Release date 2016
No. of toys 16
Filly type Mermaids of Coralia

Filly Mermaids Super Glitter Edition (german: Super Glitzer) introduces the new friends of Glitterina. Shine, the mermaid filly whose tail has two colors  and who is a special character, is among them.

The story of this edition is about the friendship of two families of mermaids. The first group features the mermaid fillys who is led by Glitterina, and the others are familiar with Shine.

Three new characters were added as the toys of three play sets of this edition.

Scrapped designs (Super Glitter)

The edition shares one trait with Filly Ballerina:  'work in progress' images of its package show never before seen characters who won't appear among the final designs of the toys. But unlike prototype Ballerinas, these mermaids are drawn on the image that is uploaded by one account of MyFilly.

The prototype flyer, one card of the character named Shinny and the first look pictures of the package suggest designs of every filly who appeared there.

Shinny's name appears alike to one of the released character, Shine, being two letters apart from it.

There is a possibility of the mermaids being the planned characters who took the poses and names of the old mermaid fillys of any other of previous editions.

Shinny is also highlighted on the images of package for blind bags, much like it is with Shine. The other mermaids who's presented on the artworks of any other image are well known Glitterina, the old character, and the new filly of yellow and red colors. Her name is left to be a mystery.

The number of planned characters for this edition was 20, but it got changed in the process just like the other details.

The unused designs of mermaid fillys

Filly Mermaids Schimerdern schwanz-flosse
Release date Spring-summer 2020
No. of toys 14 (confirmed by the magazine)
Filly type Mermaids of Coralia

Filly Mermaids Schimerdern schwanz-flosse is the newest edition of Filly Mermaids which was first introduced by german 'Filly Magazine' in April of 2020. Its original name translates to english as 'Shimmering tail's fin', however there is no official english translation for the title of this edition. Noticeably, the edition doesn't feature any new character's toy included in it.

The other distinct detail of the edition is the way it is released: for the first time ever, all of the fillys are going to be sold with the help of the magazines.

  The gems each character's crown contains come in various colors, but the crowns, bracelets and necklaces are of the 'golden' colour. The mermaids don't have glitter for their fins. Instead, the effects of the tails resembles those of metallic like material.

Andy and Memory are the first two toys of this edition to be released through the magazines.

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