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Filly Princess
Filly Prinzessin 1.jpg
First appearance Filly Beach Party!! (the two exclamation points were intentional)
Species Arabian
Gender Female
Other names Filly Prinzessin Lang-DE.png
Princesa Filly Lang-ES.png
Filly Princeza Lang-CZ.png
Home Unknown

Filly Prinzessin, as she is known in the German release, and for which an English release is yet to be discovered, is the special character of the Filly Beach Party toy line. She has previously been believed to be a re-deco of Filly, with those beliefs being strongly aided by that Filly Princess was only ever released in a gold edition, and that both have flowers in their mane at the same spots, but the breeds of the two clash with each other, with Filly Princess being an Arabian and Filly being a Belgian.